Great Thinker

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Great Thinker
Great Thinker (Award).png
Earn this by helping HF with an incredible idea.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 39


The Great Thinker award is an award for members who come up with an exceptional idea for Hack Forums.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
kutmustakurt You've earned it. 01-20-2011
Glassy You have lots of great HF ideas. 10-30-2012
Cibor I get the feeling you're a great thinker. 08-03-2014
ӍeshCollider I'd say this is appropriate given your effort and ideas for Omnicoin. 03-21-2015
Allison Argent I liked your avatar statistics idea. 07-25-2015
Doxicity You are one great thinker. 01-21-2016