Award Whore

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Award Whore
Award Whore (Award).png
For those who whore for an award.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 60


The Award Whore award is handed out to members who have obtained numerous (rare) awards throughout the forum. In addition, this award is also handed out to users who precisely 'whore' for an award, whether it be through being smart or stupid.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Pompalomp Thanks for Twitter message. 05-05-2011
Industry Gonna satisfy you? Probably not. 06-08-2011
redpois0n You are definitely an award whore. 05-23-2012
Aeon <3 Someone has to be a whore around here. 12-04-2012
DaL33T A definite Award Whore. Get some self-respect. 05-12-2013
Vazity Award addiction can lead to increased blood pressure and loss of vision. 08-23-2013
Bull™ Maybe one day this will be a businessman award but right now you're just an award whore. 01-25-2014
Skitlz (removed) Some do it for the lulz, some the fame, some for the love but you obviously do it for the award. 02-14-2014
Tenaxium (removed) Whore. 05-05-2014
'Chief You're certainly a whore for awards. 07-22-2014
√ΛレΛƦ MΘƦGHƱĿῘꜘS™ Seems willing to screw anything to get an award. 08-30-2014
Ty ™ Indeed you are a huge award whore. But now you have good Karma too. 09-10-2014
Teen (removed) Not sure you're a businessman but you are an award whore. 10-16-2014
Space Impact (removed) Sure. 11-05-2014
Moseph He's willing to take an RF for an award. 05-18-2015
KillαMuvz A true award whore from a dirty alley. 09-19-2015
Funtage Some people just want an award so badly. 01-03-2016
Vittorio Whoring for every award imaginable. 03-28-2016
Mexicann You're special needs. 08-30-2016
Vitani's Mate Indeed you are an award whore. 11-05-2016
grail I think you just can't help yourself. 12-12-2016
fannas1 Seven Swans a Swimming. 12-15-2016
yaltmark You want this so badly. 02-20-2017
Ⅴanquish Going deep into the abyss. 02-25-2017
Funtela I may have to remove some awards. 05-25-2017
Views Seeking the attention of everyone. 06-06-2017
ra1d Jealousy is an ugly thing. 08-12-2017
TopKekeroni Finishing row 4 with a vengeance. 10-02-2017
Lavish Living Verified Award Whore for you. 07-24-2018
Nixhxlas Official 02-09-2021
NERO Perfect for you. 02-09-2021