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For the proven inebriated ones.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 5


The Drunk award is is obtained by showing Omniscient their usage and love for beer. The award is given on several occasions and events, and has often been given to members who in turn gifted Omniscient with a bottle of liquor, be it beer or whiskey.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Nick Saban Christmas Present 12-14-2009
Prone Here's your present. 02-28-2010
VipVince Has a wild lifestyle. 03-24-2010
Killerpop89 Drunk banned..haha. 07-17-2010
Anarchaos Had fun in tinychat with ya. Enjoy your Fosters. 09-16-2010
Industry Canadian beer sucks 09-16-2010
nokia2mon2 You wanted it here ya go. 10-03-2010
glamour Psycho! 10-25-2010
NoMomyDont Perfect. Holy hell I know you felt those last couple. Damn bro. 11-21-2010
Poppins You're not that much of a drunk imho. 01-24-2011
Hуѕтєяιa X™ you s ae the best adminss evtret if i wasnt do wasted 05-02-2011
Chancelor Cognac rocks. Nuff said. 08-12-2011
Richard. I'm gonna buy a nice bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. Cheers to you. 04-30-2012
iNviZ Remember that you sip good whiskey. 07-11-2012
BELLAGIO Gonna toast to you in tinychat. 07-16-2012
Яǝʌǝɹsǝ I can do worse. Trust me. 07-29-2012
IIMachavelli For the Chivalry. 05-04-2013
mad For the Chivalry. 05-04-2013
Βαsιχ Special needs require a special awards. 06-19-2013
Omniscient Should be a shot glass of Scotch Whisky like Balvenie or Bowmore. 12-06-2013
Dorrance Someone has to drink enough to get this. 02-17-2014
SomeWhiteGuy A beer for you to share with. 06-11-2014
Sigma‎‏‍‎‏ ‎‏‍‎ Damn your special characters. 07-28-2014
Maximum Gulp gulp gulp...*burp*. 08-31-2014
Bull™ I'm going to guess you need a liver transplant. 09-09-2014
Expels A toast to you. Thanks. 10-26-2014
Kɪɴɢ‎‍‎‍‎‍‎‍‎‍‎‍‎‍‎‍‍‎ You're technically more of a drunk than a gamer. 10-29-2014
Space Impact Thanks for the whiskey. 11-05-2014
Cooligan Getting sentimental when you drink? 11-21-2014
Martino Sober up and be embarassed in the morning. 03-22-2015
Arrow Someone that drinks more than me. 04-01-2015
630 I missed the Black Label but I hope you had a good time. 05-27-2015
AnonNinja™ For your favorite drink. 06-12-2015
itsmeLOL I'll share a drink with you fine sir. 08-12-2015
Proxseas Cheers to you and your merry ways. 09-30-2015
Tommy Toast to the new year. 01-03-2016
glitchgxd A toast, to the masters of the universe. 01-12-2016
Telstra Cheers to you as well. 04-04-2016
Dan. Orgy bestows the Drunk award upon you on Nov 29, 2018. 04-27-2016
House✦ Regulus bestows the Drunk award upon you on Jun 2, 2019. 07-29-2016
Vеrt Awesome bar you made out of reclaimed wood. 08-09-2016
fannas1 A Partridge in a Pear Tree 12-15-2016
Prince™ Auchentoshan American Oak 12-27-2016
Ⅴanquish Toasting your charity. Thank you. 03-01-2017
Cameron LoRdVagrant bestows the Drunk award upon you on Nov 11, 2018. 03-04-2017
Robert ™ Drink up sir. 05-24-2017
Rikz Stay thirsty my friend. 05-29-2017
Alex Cheers to row 4. 08-25-2017
c$sh Cheers to your sir and enjoy HF. 09-22-2017
grail Don't drink from that...OMG you did! 10-05-2017
MMLF Only because I'd love to have a drink with you. 02-26-2018
Kill Joy Let's enjoy a drink together one day. 03-05-2018
Juicy Happy Birthday 04-22-2018
Divined We should totally go out for a drink one day. 07-20-2018
SIM-403479 Toasting your 8th Anniversary. 07-26-2018
Horus God We're toasing to the good times. 08-18-2018
Depressed Enjoyed a drink with you. 10-01-2018
packofmidgets Congrats on your scratchcard win. 01-21-2019
Parks Oh it's just for you. 11-03-2019
Shadow_Cloud It's a special day for you. 04-20-2020
Vyrez. Cheers to you for staying out of trouble. 06-28-2020
Gleam Classic and epic story. 08-21-2020
Nixhxlas Tasty 18yr Scotch rules 12-22-2020
skull Sobering up.


Rionxee Enjoy the better drinks in life. 05-04-2022
Migos A toast to you. 08-01-2022