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GFX Guru
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You must show us the goods to gain guru.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 31


The GFX Guru is given to the skilled GFX artists of the forum. One must show their spectacular graphical design(s) in order to obtain this award.


Award Name Reason Date Given
Vaqxine Thanks for help with logo at TN. 10-18-2008
Critik For the photoshop of my pic that was great. 03-06-2009
Polymath For some of the best sigs on HF. 03-18-2009
mmarsic2 Amazing gfx creations. 03-28-2009
lil bryzee Some seriously good sigs and that new video shows it. 06-13-2009
SkullTraill Enjoy now you can stfu. 12-02-2009
Process.xSs Some fabulous sigs you have made. 12-14-2009
Tasemu For being so active and helpful with graphics section. 01-09-2010
SiZif I've followed your art since day 1, the improvement is incredible. 01-10-2010
smalienware Has created some fantastic graphics. 02-23-2010
FishyFishFish Damn that's one tight sig you have. 07-23-2010
Livewire For your awesome HF ad banner. 07-23-2010
acer For your great HF banner ads. 10-26-2010
Soulcal Thanks for avatar group. 12-24-2010
Minnesota Nice For making the 2010 Xmas banner. Thanks. 12-24-2010
Raain Because you're boss with graphics. 01-02-2011
`S Y R I N G E™ For the nice avatars you made the site. 01-09-2011
§ΩLd1êR For making an awesome fizz-giz banner ad. 01-20-2011
The Elite 01-25-2011
Kyuubi 01-25-2011
GoSuckADick 01-25-2011
panda Great HF wallpapers. 03-12-2011
Idle cares I love members like you. 10-26-2011
Etheryte For making HF the perfect looking CSS button. 11-16-2011
bmendo 04-01-2012
Noica Thanks for those. Enjoy the Guruness. 04-13-2012
Mag1c-Pot You make great looking userbars. 07-22-2012
aiir You make great graphics. 10-10-2012
Khaleesi Deserving. 10-12-2012
Designer Thank you for making the new MRT icon. 12-05-2012
★ Leo ★ Wonderful avatars you've created. Thanks. 01-19-2013
Eeluminati You made some wonderful Valentine logos. Thank you. 02-11-2014, 05:00 AM
K‎irito You made some excellent new usergroup images for HF. Thank you. 05-01-2014, 01:41 AM
Light that Blinds Thanks for the great graphics. 05-02-2014, 02:34 PM
Abide Thanks for the Halloween 2014 banner. 10-29-2014, 06:45 PM
KɪɴG You create great graphics. 12-13-2015, 03:19 PM