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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-13-2013

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MeshCollider first found his way into Hack Forums whilst searching for methods and ways to perform SQL injection. His interest piqued by the forum, he soon registered an account, but left it for a couple of months before finally logging back and becoming active.

MeshCollider first involved himself with the Programming, Coding, and Languages category. Some notable boards that he was active in were the C/C++/Obj-C Programming, Java Language, JVM, and the JRE, and Android Operating System board (before the Android Operating System board was reclassified). During his period of high activity, he made many contributions and friends, including some notable users eg. Looka, the current Java Language, JVM and the JRE moderator.

Whilst he was contributing to the coding sector in Hack Forums, he also contributed to the Omnicoin sub-board. For his vast unofficial contributions to Omnicoin as an individual, he was offered an official position as a member of the Omnicoin development team, which he gladly accepted. By the time he was invited, his contributions were well received by the community.

As MeshCollider's popularity rose, he was invited into the new group Specialists by Bull™ as the leader of its coding sector. He ran numerous helpdesks under the Specialists’ name. Before he was invited into the group, he created many hacking tutorials to help benefit the community.

In conjunction with Abraham Lincoln, MeshCollider coded the OMC plugin for managing Omnicoin wallets; this plugin also came with a number of other features. The plugin was implemented into Hack Forums, and was well received by the community as way to introduce more users to Omnicoin. In return for his hard work, MeshCollider was awarded 3p1c (when the HF XMPP was launched), Great Thinker (after he sent his and Abraham Lincoln’s OMC plugin to Omniscient) and the OMC award. MeshCollider also won the 57th Member of the Month competition in August 2015.

As of 13th August 2015, MeshCollider was awarded the Sticky Man award for this thread.

On 10th July 2016, MeshCollider was banned from HF for 3 months with the reason "wrong move". It is unknown even to himself what this means or what the ban was caused by. Along with the ban, MeshCollider had his Member of the Month, Great Thinker and Genius awards removed, and was RKO'ed down from 939 rep.

Omniscient subsequently decided to shorten MeshCollider's ban to one week because he had realized it was a misunderstanding. Eventually Omniscient granted a second stickyman award for MeshCollider's Android tutorial, and gave the great thinker and genius awards back. But Omniscient then went on to postban MeshCollider and remove his signature privileges for an indefinite amount of time.

After privately resolving the situation a few months later, MeshCollider had his signature and post privileges reinstated. MeshCollider was offered a job by Omniscient as a plugin developer for Hack Forums, and developed the HF API as well as other small plugins such as a group leader management page for group owners.

After posting a tutorial on the Lightning Network in the Coin Speak subforums, MeshCollider was awarded his third Sticky Man award as well as the Bitcoinage award with a custom reason. Omni has stated MeshCollider will be responsible for setting up a Lightning Network node for Hack Forums on testnet.


  • Former Member of Omnicoin Development Team
  • Former leader of Legends
  • Former leader of Pirates
  • Former leader of Divine
  • Former leader of Prism
  • Former HFNT member
  • Former HF Wiki Team member
  • HF API Developer
  • Moderator of HF API subforum

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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