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Liberty Reserve Head
Liberty Reserve Head (Award).png
This award is no longer available.
Type: Discontinued
Award ID: 61


The LR Head award is a donation award that could only be bought using Liberty Reserve, a former financial exchange. When it was available for purchase, it cost $20. Due to the death of Liberty Reserve, this award is no longer available to obtain.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Nightmarе Thanks for the LR 05-21-2011
-BoodyE- Thanks 05-21-2011
h0lmeZ Thanks for LR donation. 05-21-2011
єץє Thanks for LR donation. 05-21-2011
Fracture4 And for them LR's we thank you. 05-21-2011
Paid2Upload Hanging out with the LR's. Thanks. 05-21-2011
Deities The end of the world was not today. Thanks for donating. 05-21-2011
Legitti The end of the world was not today. Thanks for donating. 05-21-2011
Bulls Reserve Head! 05-23-2011
Account Type Null Welcome to being an LR Head. 05-24-2011
أعلى Thanks for the LR. 05-24-2011
Josh Thanks for the LR. 05-24-2011
NoThx Handsome LR Head for you. Thanks. 05-24-2011
Prince of Persia LR HEAD FOR YOU! 05-24-2011
Leafs Welcome to the LR Head club. 05-24-2011
[H]ell Go Go LR Head. 05-24-2011
Robbieava LR Head is sexy. 05-24-2011
nokia2mon2 Another neat award from you. 05-24-2011
Zach Grrr...LRrrr. 05-24-2011
Rise To The Top LR Head will eat your brains. 05-25-2011
Issa Gold Thanks for this. 05-25-2011
iNviZ The LR Head in you rulez. 05-26-2011
Natha Thanks LR Head dude man bro. 05-26-2011
Alex™ Gobble bobble robble robble LR Head! 05-26-2011
Dordelicious I'm happy you donated via LR. Thanks. 05-28-2011
_char LR Head says thanks. 05-29-2011
Qwazz For you. :) 05-30-2011
The MammoTh Thanks for donating. 05-31-2011
Ki‏ds Bang your head! Thanks. 05-31-2011
Codevade LR Head loves you. 05-31-2011
BzVzKz Thanks a bunch. Enjoy your LR Head. 05-31-2011
KillαMuvz Thank you too. 06-04-2011
iMario LR Head likes steak too. 06-06-2011
Riggs LR Head says thanks! 06-07-2011
Mg3115 It's a mean LR Head smacking you saying grrrr. 06-07-2011
VoucherMaster My my my my Michelle 06-09-2011
Professor 0110 Thanks bud. 06-10-2011
Valik ϟ LR Head loves you. Thanks. 06-11-2011
Vanadium (in robot voice) LR Head loves you 06-11-2011
Eksellent Thanks for the LR funds. 06-11-2011
Blixx LR Head is on your shoulders. Thanks. 06-16-2011
VeNoMz LR Head would kiss you if you got closer. 06-18-2011
Emma Watson LR Head for the win. 06-18-2011
Richie Great timing for you to get LR Head. Use LR more. 06-19-2011
Omegax1 Munch on it. LR Head will eat you. 06-19-2011
prometheus. LR Head is watching you. 06-21-2011
sshd Munch on his face. 06-23-2011
ĶŔB LR Head says thanks. 06-24-2011
TheHackersLove LR Head has awoken. 06-25-2011
Evil Stewie Tough day. Thanks. 06-25-2011
Quincy Thanks for earning your LR Head with the donation. 06-25-2011
Panda LR Head was running late. Sorry and thanks. 06-26-2011
Xerotic LR Head on your head 06-26-2011
Đενɨаηсε™ LR Head ate your fish. 06-27-2011
Glassy You're special. Stay that way. 06-29-2011
Megan Foxxx Thanks for LR. 06-30-2011
Sync™ LR Head is saying thanks. 07-03-2011
Scooter LR Head is a monster but he loves you. 07-09-2011
๖ۣۜPetrovski Join the LR Heads. 07-09-2011
Example LR Head ate your lunch. 07-09-2011
Kn1gh7 Thank you. LR Head is grateful. 07-12-2011
The Unknown Thanks from Mr. LR Head. 07-12-2011
Zeon LR Head is kissing you. 07-13-2011
Turkey Dunce LR Head will eat your kitten. 07-14-2011
Industry Thanks for the LR donation. 07-14-2011
Milopeach I am LR Head. I want to thank you. 07-14-2011
S-Moneyy LR Head is generous and so are you. 07-20-2011
[R]eaper Thanks for donating the LR. Good luck on your stickies too. 07-21-2011
Delicious LR Head says divorce is final. 07-23-2011
John* Mighty Mouse is beating up LR Head. 07-23-2011
McFlurry LR Head has released you from your misery. 07-23-2011
Shots™ Thanks for feeding LR Head. 07-30-2011
TiME FLiES Thanks sir. Keep up the great job. 07-30-2011
© ÉliXéd_ Thanks for the LR. Can you dig it? 07-30-2011
Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ Thanks a lot. Be the biggest LR Head you can. 07-30-2011
Salad Fingers Thanks for donating for the LR Head. 08-01-2011
NaDe He's very happy now. Thanks for feeding him. 08-01-2011
Cloud9™ Thanks for the donation to LR Head. He had a headache. 08-01-2011
Launcher It always helps. :) 08-02-2011
- Sam - The great Sam is now an LR Head. 08-02-2011
Boo. Thanks again. 08-05-2011
Orgy The LR Head ate a bananna. 08-05-2011
ZooT | Amazing is the LR Head hope of hindering. 08-06-2011
RandomAdult LR Head says thank you. 08-07-2011
630 Not as much hassle as you think. 08-09-2011
Defcon‌ LR Head is your buddy. 08-09-2011
Mark Webber LR Head is scared of you. 08-10-2011
Dєαtђ Thanks for the LR donation. 08-10-2011
mrwhich Taking it the next level with the LR Head. 08-10-2011
Fucking Idiots Thanks for the LR donation. 08-10-2011
Chancelor Thank you for the LR donation. 08-11-2011
๖ۣۜExordium LR Head is saying congrats. 08-12-2011
Vexna Thanks sir. LR Head is really happy. 08-12-2011
Blue Screen of Death I do appreciate it but stop getting so many warnings. Thanks. 08-13-2011
Ariana Grande. Thanks a lot sir. 08-14-2011
Cяιмιηαℓ I do appreciate that LR. 08-16-2011
๖ۣۜSean LR Head has a birthday wish. Thanks. 08-18-2011
Phuziion Has stacks on deck! 08-18-2011
James_ Thank you for donating for the LR Head. 08-18-2011
Mono LR Head was hungry but now he's not. Thanks. 08-20-2011
xCocaine "Holy Moly" says LR Head. 08-20-2011
Exal Happy LR Head is joyful. 08-21-2011
Black Mesa No, you enjoy your LR Head. 08-24-2011
Makaveli The Don LR Head is your bro. 08-24-2011
Voice In the winter LR Head gets cold. 08-28-2011
Sno Fear round and round..all through LR Head. 09-02-2011
Dеcerto Took a couple days but here ya go. 09-02-2011
WiFiPunk Wifi Punk Vs LR Head...who will win? 09-03-2011
Banksу LR Head is a kind caring award. 09-03-2011
Λcksí-íΛdΘw™ LR Head was angry. He feels better now he is fed. 09-04-2011
Ⓡe1gn Thank you Mr. Paul. Sincerely, Mr. LR Head. 09-07-2011
UTurn That's cool. Stay out of trouble and thanks a lot. 09-08-2011
Blazin Addiction are terrible. LR likes to shoot up packets. 09-10-2011
L Your LR Head has arrived. 09-10-2011
WhiteHat ™ LR Head walks past the clouds and into the fields. 09-16-2011
Naxian LR Head is headronics over heals. 09-16-2011
Revoke Handsome LR Head is happy. Thank you. 09-16-2011
Keyloggin LR Head was very hungry. 09-17-2011
DeMoNi Thank you sir. 09-19-2011
xViper Thanks you for donation. 09-21-2011
DaL33T Rocking like a hurricane. Here I am. 09-23-2011
Quantum. Thanks for feeding the LR Head. 09-24-2011
Zinthertar Just dance with the LR Head. 09-25-2011
Nazworth LR Head got that super bass. 09-25-2011
FileX Thanks Mr LRX Head. 09-27-2011
BuyOMC Thank you buddy. 09-28-2011
St. Jiberish And LR Head loves you too. 09-28-2011
Electrode LR Head is shuffling, shuffling.. 10-05-2011
Drakon Thank you for your generosity. It's nice of you. 10-10-2011
bornwild Thanks for the LR donation. 10-12-2011
Ηades Thanks a lot. LR Head is dedicated. 10-12-2011
SomeWhiteGuy LR HEAD SMASH! 10-14-2011
DragScope is GONE :'( Thanks a lot. 10-21-2011
ISOForest Thanks for the LR sir. 10-22-2011
BreastMilk LR Head is a monster from the future. 10-22-2011
Kiss♥ LR Head was mad but you've made him happy. 11-01-2011
Diabolic He's happy now. LR Head likes you. 11-07-2011
ASM Angry angry as the story is told. Touche says LR Head. 11-09-2011
DООM! He likes you and so do I. Stay chill bro. 11-12-2011
Pill Thanks for the LR donation. LR Head is pleased. 11-14-2011
Developer LR Head is wondering why you're so generous. 11-16-2011
Hуѕтєяιa X™ Amazing how big LR Head has become. Get it while you can and thanks. 11-17-2011
Christy LR Head says thanks and grrr... 11-18-2011
F0UNDER Can I just say thanks? Thanks. :) 11-19-2011
Suhinder A-P-P-P-Preciated. 11-23-2011
SirCampalot Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the donation. Gobble gobble. 11-24-2011
BELLAGIO You're a gangsta not me. :) 12-04-2011
Baked Oh snap! LR Head forgot all about you. 12-06-2011
HakkuR LR Head says HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 12-07-2011
Cars LR Head is having a Merry Christmas. Hope you do too. 12-12-2011
Аsylum The Head is reserved for liberty. 12-17-2011
tayraN LR Head is happy now. 12-19-2011
Ignite. LR Head says Happy Holidays. 12-22-2011
Xch4ng3 You did it and now LR Head has eaten. 12-22-2011
HOT DOG™ LR Head is late to the party. Thanks. 12-23-2011
Guess Who Is Back LR Head toasts you for the holidays. Thanks. 12-26-2011
Royal ! Cough cough. LR Head has a cold. Thanks. :) 12-27-2011
Creator™ Oh thanks. LR Head says Happy New Year. 12-31-2011
T3h Hack3r Everyone deserves an LR Head. 01-03-2012
ViN Thank you from LR Head. Thanks. 01-03-2012
frowneyface He ain't no scrub. LR Head for the win. 01-09-2012
LK) Speaking of the LR devil. Mohahaha 01-09-2012
Rawr! LR Head dances too. Jump one time. 01-12-2012
OVO™ Inser Cute Message Here 01-12-2012
versx LR Head is a wrestler and you just pinned him. 01-17-2012
Analyst Thank you from Mr. LR Head 01-20-2012
Justin Bieber Took me 3 weeks but here ya go. 01-21-2012
Virus1x Thanks for it all. :) 01-22-2012
Richard. LR Head likes your dredds. 01-23-2012
bckc The LR Head has your back. 01-25-2012
Purple™ He's late for the party but he says thanks. 01-25-2012
R.I.P TPH Martians are attacking. Help save the planet. 02-02-2012
Lynch LR Head isn't lonely anymore. 02-03-2012
CYЯAX Thanks for the donation. LR Head is happy. 02-06-2012
Pineapple You don't have a sticky yet but you have an LR Head. Thanks. 02-09-2012
Legacy. Thank you for new donation. 02-10-2012
Invisus Sweet lordie the LR Head just walked in. 02-13-2012
Ohio State Thanks a lot. Really appreciate that you give LR Head some love. 02-13-2012
Realistic LR Head is pleasantly surprised you donated. Thanks. 02-13-2012
Purple Haze. Mang...I must have missed it. Thanks from the big man. 02-14-2012
Fishy Thank you for donating. 02-14-2012
Raijin LR Head is proud of you. 02-15-2012
Guest He's the king of LR and you're his prince. Thanks. 02-15-2012
Markdapimp He's the king of LR and you're his jester. Thanks. 02-15-2012
aiir His red beady eyes are upon you. 02-17-2012
Gwapo Thank you for donating to the LR. 02-20-2012
Fatality LR Head can smell victory a mile away. 02-28-2012
Xbox Dashboard LR Head challenges you in Xbox Live. 03-02-2012
Hp. LR Head is da man and so are you. 03-02-2012
Conqueror LR Head was late to the party. 03-02-2012
Existence Instructions ara simple. Enjoy life. 03-07-2012
Cubee Thank you from Mr. LR Head. 03-07-2012
Sol Yurick He's fantastic. 03-09-2012
Addictionz Thank you for the LR donation. Thanks. 03-11-2012
Rarity LR Head is snickering at you. 03-13-2012
LightBlue Thank you for the LR and here is your Head. 03-13-2012
Rihsky Thank you sir from the bottom of my LR Head. 03-14-2012
Justice You're a nice guy. LR Head says so. 03-16-2012
Chubaca Thank you for the donation. 03-20-2012
video de cul LR Head is a sinner not a saint. 03-24-2012
NitroDemon LR Head meet the Nut. 03-25-2012
Anakin™ You've made LR Head very happy by feeding him. 03-25-2012
MistleToe Grumble. LR Head eats. 03-26-2012
N3oNight LR Head is a euro beast. 03-26-2012
ISO What I want is for LR Head to take a nap. 03-27-2012
νιятυαℓнα¢кєя One in the LR and one in the Head. 03-27-2012
Darkwin The red eye watches you. 03-30-2012
Хchg Thanks very much for feeding LR Head today. 04-06-2012
Tarn Thank you for donating to the LR Head. 04-06-2012
BullShooter LR Head thinks your Fileice earnings rule. 04-11-2012
Іntel Easter was last weekend. LR Head ate his eggs. 04-11-2012
Crypto. Thanks for your vote for LR Head. 04-11-2012
Lust. LR Head is not a gentleman. 04-12-2012
Repeat Thank you very much for the LR donation. 04-12-2012
Break LR Head wants to thank you. 04-14-2012
CP™ The apple tastes best when it's ripe. Thanks. 04-15-2012
Elegant Amazing how much LR Head likes you now. 04-15-2012
cadanc3 A $20 donation can sometimes mean just as much as $1000. Thanks. 04-17-2012
Tetrahedra Thank you for the LR donation. LR head says thanks too. 04-17-2012
phybeя LR Head is here on your profile now. 04-18-2012
Final Boss My might be the final boss but LR Head is the first one. 04-18-2012
Falconw0w Thank you very much as well. 04-20-2012
Nickelodeon LR Head was here first. 04-23-2012
Guest LR Head thought Jackass 3 was awesome. 04-24-2012
Canon He has a headache. He appreciates the medicine. 04-24-2012
Cardinals Thank you very much from Mr LR Head. 04-25-2012
Stev Amazing LR Head smiles at you. 04-27-2012
dolores He ate the cheese. Thanks. 04-28-2012
Shelbaar Headed into the right direction. 04-30-2012
Russian Person So what's up? LR Head is wondering. 04-30-2012
Goop Like your username and LR Headd is jelly. 05-01-2012
Melting Tires He's climbing a mountain and yelling...THANKS. 05-06-2012
мr. X He's the man of mystery. Thanks for donating. 05-06-2012
n0$f3ratu$ The clock is ticking for Mr LR Head. 05-08-2012
Vazity He's a meany head but loves you still. 05-08-2012
kray LR was hungry. Thanks. 05-09-2012
Amnesia Haze Thank you so much. LR head is overjoyed. 05-09-2012
redpois0n He's a big headed troll Mr LR Head but he likes you all the same. 05-09-2012
Magecow I want some LR pasta along with my sauce. 05-09-2012
Xirian Oopa woopa a giant awakens very hungry. 05-10-2012
Fеnix I can't be mad when LR Head is happy. 05-10-2012
SCP 343 Thanks a lot sir. LR Head for the win. 05-10-2012
iNk. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it all. 05-12-2012
MindOfLogic Elk Rotary is a fine lawn mower. 05-12-2012
Nаte Switch it up a bit and thanks for donating. 05-12-2012
Don Michael Corleone Why do you guys think you're so gangsta? 05-12-2012
Airon Everyday is an advernture for Mr LR Head. 05-12-2012
Saphire You're a natural. This award is for you. 05-13-2012
Elf‌ Thanks a lot. LR Head is gonna chow some yogurt. 05-14-2012
√ΛレΛƦ MΘƦGHƱĿῘꜘS™ Oh you waited so patiently for the award. Thanks. 05-16-2012
AsSaSs@iN Interesting name change. Thanks for LR donating. 05-16-2012
Psychotiic Burgers are best with blue cheese. Thanks. 05-18-2012
Hackerž With a sneaky red eye I can see everything. 05-19-2012
Sloris I'm encouraging you to feed Mr. LR Head. 05-21-2012
Andy‘‘ Your LR Head has arrived. 05-21-2012
Cletus Slurping up the LR. 05-22-2012
๖ۣۜLadon Kkc Which came first? The chicken or the LR Heaad? 05-22-2012
Oni ‍ Now you have Mr LR Head keeping you company. 05-23-2012
WarrioR™ You're getting Head now. 05-24-2012
Kyle FYI™ Thanks for donating. 05-25-2012
Mohatu Is it the best day of your life or what? 05-26-2012
PoisonKnife Lame Response Head says thanks. 05-28-2012
Jοker Wink wink for the win. Thanks for donating. 05-31-2012
Edward Snowden. Tigers can bite you. 06-05-2012
'Cody It's the monster mash. 06-07-2012
Dr.Money You've taken it upon yourself to feed the LR beast. 06-07-2012
Bok1ca First you get the LR Head. 06-11-2012
Fleezus Christ Per your request here is your head. 06-12-2012
Skiezo™ Lunch for LR Head ...probably Taco Bell. 06-16-2012
✔-Elision- LR Head is monster and you're beast. 06-16-2012
John. Simple and elegant. Like an LR Head should be. 06-17-2012
4th Dimension Bring the pain my friend and thanks for donating. 06-22-2012
Wiz Khalifa ღ Stop...hammer time! Win it for the win. 06-22-2012
Bahamas Thank you very much buddy. 06-22-2012
HF1337 hacker omg Dancing with the devil. Mr LR Head says thanks. 06-24-2012
DurexLoveSex Wait no longer. Thanks. 06-24-2012
Roflkittiez Thank you for LR donation. 06-25-2012
Ebolа Farms grow corn and HF grows minds. 06-26-2012
Macklemore' One-handed thanks. 07-04-2012
Detroit Like a wild thing. 07-04-2012
DanWinter LR Head watches you carefully. 07-04-2012
Paul Gower Thanks a lot bud. 07-04-2012
iMalfunction LR Head says thanks. 07-05-2012
Abel Thanks much. LR Head is here for you. 07-08-2012
Guest LR Head says thanks. 07-10-2012
Ida I da thank you much. 07-11-2012
BTB™ Cool like beans. Thanks 07-11-2012
.Infinity. Thanks for LR donation. 07-11-2012
Zanelot LR Head hears you clearly. 07-12-2012
v11 Thanks 07-16-2012
#NAME? Thanks much. 07-16-2012
Bullet. thanks lots 07-16-2012
Daisy ♡ Thanks. 07-16-2012
Βαsιχ thanks a lot 07-17-2012
Ignore LR Head rules 07-17-2012
Desiderius Boo and thanks too. 07-21-2012
㊝ ☮ ☯☻ ☺ ◕ ☉ Θ ㊝ Thanks for wishes. 07-21-2012
Formula1 Appreciate the LR 07-21-2012
Mafia owner Thanks bud. 07-21-2012
ρℓ4yвσy Thanks much. 07-22-2012
Not Sorry I was delayed but enjoy your award please. 07-23-2012
ⓢⓤⓕⓕⓘⓒⓔ Hands in the air. Thanks. 07-23-2012
Maple ‎‎ He's listening. 07-25-2012
๖ۣۜVictory G R E A T 07-28-2012
Superb Thanks a lot sir. 07-28-2012
Jon Bellion You are boss. 07-29-2012
Mr Kewl You can be cool. 07-29-2012
JustHayden Thanks 08-01-2012
๖ۣۜMephobia Overcome with the need to donate? Thanks. 08-01-2012
Renowned Thanks for LR donation. 08-02-2012
Xbox Live LR Head is happy. 08-06-2012
EKNOZ LR is going to watch over you. 08-06-2012
Hexicidal Thanks very much. 08-08-2012
Primal Rage Thanks very much. 08-08-2012
ƇƓŠŠ Thanks for the donation. 08-09-2012
USMC Chris Growl... 08-12-2012
Strokes‌ Thanks for your generosity. 08-12-2012
Google LR Head award for the man 08-14-2012
Guest Thanks much for LR donation 08-17-2012
Dan. Twice baked potatoes taste like crap. 08-20-2012
1337B345T3R LR Head says thanks. 08-27-2012
Mr Liberty Reserve LR Head is a happy camper now. Thanks. 08-28-2012
ArcticFroggy Frogs like LR Head too. 08-28-2012
Vimper Thanks for donation. 08-28-2012
Net™ Thanks for the donation. 08-28-2012
Chelsea Monday Granted he's not the most handsome but he sure is popular. 08-31-2012
Kush LR Head wants JUSTICE! 08-31-2012
#NAME? Grinding out the daily meat. 09-01-2012
Miki He's vain and says thanks. 09-02-2012
๖ۣۜDgaf Thanks a lot from the site. 09-04-2012
Infinitе Not sure why but it's here now. 09-04-2012
Touch Thanks a lot for the LR donation. 09-07-2012
JeromeMarshall Thanks a lot for the LR donation. 09-07-2012
shhh He's choking on his tears of joy. 09-10-2012
eXero Thank you very much for the LR donation. 09-11-2012
Danger105 Blinking at your donation. Thanks. 09-12-2012
Protein Shake Thanks for the LR donation. Hopefully your membership on HF will be a success story. 09-13-2012
Odinz Oh thanks and contributions are always appreciated. 09-16-2012
Aeon ‹3 Thanks from our special friend Mr. LR Head. 09-17-2012
KyleWTF WTF Kyle! 09-17-2012
๖ۣۜRhythm Thanks Mr for the LR. 09-17-2012
Sigma‎‏‍‎‏ ‎‏‍‎ Thanks for donating some LR today. Don't worry one day you'll EARN an award. 09-18-2012
Αnonymous LR Head donator since 2012. 09-18-2012
FakeID Thanks a lot for the LR donation. 09-20-2012
[___MJ___] You've donated for LR Head. Thanks. 09-24-2012
Bandors Thank you for LR donation. 10-01-2012
Cynical. Thank you for donating. 10-01-2012
Вreaking Βad Everybody get foot loose! 10-02-2012
Analog- Tempers flare and LR Head rampages. 10-04-2012
Techie‌‌‌ LR Head is envious of your position. 10-06-2012
Denver. You sure can have the award. Thanks. 10-06-2012
Viоlent Thank you very much. LR Head is satisfied today. 10-06-2012
Lemur He's your pal now. 10-12-2012
Cured Thanks alot for the LR donation. 10-12-2012
Razοr Thanks very much. 10-12-2012
MineSQL LR Head is boss. 10-17-2012
Wolves Constantly looking your way. Thanks. 10-18-2012
Junior. Thank for for the donation. 10-22-2012
Jaguar Research is a key aspect to success. Thanks for donation. 10-22-2012
SpottyShower Thank you very much. 10-22-2012
Instagram Win it all for Mr LR Head, 10-22-2012
Bad Meets Evil LR Head just picked your pocket. 10-23-2012
IIMachavelli Under pressure to give you this award. Enjoy it. 10-23-2012
Charles Hamilton Thanks a lot for donating. 10-29-2012
JackPackage LR Head is grateful. 10-30-2012
Roar Thanks a lot for LR Head donation. 10-31-2012
Gant Thank you very much for LR Head donation. 11-04-2012
Dαniel Do you hear that sound? It's applause. 11-05-2012
Frawshy Thanks for the LR Head award donation. 11-05-2012
iSoLaTe First award granted. 11-06-2012
DaNet The sky is bright with sunlight. Thanks. 11-06-2012
Wife Thanks for a lot for the LR food. 11-10-2012
Juicy- I think LR Head is winking at you. Maybe he thinks you're cute. 11-10-2012
Monique and Vitani's Mate Everything. All of it. I just want it to be like it was. It will get better. I promise. 11-10-2012
magical toaster What does a magical toaster do? 11-11-2012
#Skyline Thanks a lot for the LR donation. 11-12-2012
sdq I'm very pleased you gave LR his food today. 11-14-2012
Sir Cyrano With greatness comes grandness. 11-15-2012
Homie Thanks for making LR Head smile. 11-20-2012
Coelho Thanks very much for donating. 11-22-2012
NoodleBot™ Thanks very much for the LR donation. 11-22-2012
Tetelestai Thank you very much. 11-22-2012
nul‎l Thank you very much. 11-26-2012
RySec That's one big LR Head just for you. 11-28-2012
Project Warfare Thank you very much. Have a great week. 11-28-2012
Detoxicate Thank you very much. :) 11-28-2012
24/7 Exchange Surprise! You get head. 11-28-2012
OsteeN Can you reach into your soul and come alive? 11-29-2012
Chunked A head to hang on your profile. 12-02-2012
LiteSpeed Instruct me. I am MR LR Head Robot! 12-09-2012
keztex One way or another. 12-10-2012
Rubentastic LR Head is wearing his Santa hat. 12-11-2012
Yuno Blackjack! 12-12-2012
GodlikeGuy Xanax eating junkies. 12-14-2012
Splodge0007 It's lockdown time! 12-14-2012
Cade Instant success. Thank you. 12-16-2012
#NAME? "End of the world donation" or something? 12-23-2012
iThinkCode LR Head says Merry Christmas 12-23-2012
Razmus You have a short LR Head. 12-26-2012
Chief. Thanks very much. 12-27-2012
Anxiety1 Thanks very much for LR donation. 12-27-2012
Reminiscent Hotty avatar is making LR Head wink at her. 12-28-2012
Snow Thanks very much. LR Head is wonderfully pleased. 12-28-2012
Young Sachi Thank you very much for donating. Happy New Year! 12-31-2012
νιяυ Wink wink to you. 01-02-2013
Albert™ One award for one LR donation. The Head is here. 01-02-2013
Astor Thank you very much. LR Head is yours now. 01-03-2013
Magnetize Thank you very much. 01-05-2013
Devising LR Head just split his skull open. 01-06-2013
Impulsee Thanks for the LR donation. Enjoy your snowboarding. 01-06-2013
Oveяloяd Thank you very much for LR donation today., 01-07-2013
Prophet Banana LR Head reigns surpreme. 01-07-2013
Jendro Thank you very much. LR Head is winning. 01-07-2013
Connected. Thanks very much. :) 01-07-2013
White Eagle Thank you for the donation. Stay out of danger. 01-10-2013
The Fro That extra quarter makes all the difference. Thanks. 01-10-2013
dDil One things leads to another. Thanks. 01-10-2013
Reptar One penny at a time. Thanks. 01-10-2013
Morchid Each passing day is a block on top of a block. 01-10-2013
Coffee LR Head needs a cup of joe too. Thanks. 01-11-2013
Bugs Bunny What's up Doc? I couldn't resist. 01-13-2013
ѕᴛᴏɴᴇ Thanks very much. Appreciate it all. 01-14-2013
Howard Stark An award is only as good as the member getting it. 01-18-2013
Vegas You have a great username. Thanks for donation. 01-18-2013
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