The Alien

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The Alien
The Alien (Award).png
Earn this by being out of this world.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 55


The Alien award is given to members who possess a certain quirk or have something unique about themselves which they are defined by. It is an award which has not been given out often.


Award Name Reason Date Given
Judge Dredd Zap. 05-01-2011
Killergamea1341 Because you're Gpizzle. 09-24-2011
Minnesota Nice You don't have enough awards. 02-28-2012
Butt Cheeks. You've been abducted and changed into an alien. 05-05-2012
Repeat Giving away money like it grows on trees makes you an alien. Thanks for helping the community. 12-30-2012
Nate Exchanging that martian cash. 02-14-2013
Vazity Your YT service is out of this world and so are you. 04-03-2013
Clique 10k posts in about 18 months along with almost no warnings is very rare. So you must be an alien. 08-11-2013
Isidar You are the man for bringing it like that. Thanks for it all. 09-11-2013
Alient Indeed since birth you've been an alien. 01-10-2014
Trojan It's becoming clear to me that you're not an ordinary earthling. 08-30-2014
Space Impact Alien head. 11-05-2014
boxxy Great HF feedback thread. 03-31-2015
Moeseph Six awards. 05-08-2015
Talu Zap. The ray gun just obliterated you into the next universe. 07-14-2015
Cameron Nano-Nano fellow alien. 11-20-2015
๖ۣۜInfamy You are one of the more interesting people on HF. Maybe you are an alien? 01-17-2016
Taranis Your generosity is alien-like. Thank you. 02-29-2016
Vyrez Zap! 05-13-2016
Realizm You must be an alien to be so generous towards others. 05-27-2016
mark leonardi A rare alien-like and very generous HF supporter. 08-05-2016
Epilepsy Your art is out of this world. 08-25-2016
fannas1 You've flown into the HF atmosphere. 10-28-2016
Skorp At night I see flying saucers filled with alien Skorp beings. 01-03-2017