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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 12-20-2010

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Wires registered back in 2010, but became active around 2011/2012. He firstly visited Hack Forums to learn how to make a Habbo retro. For a short duration of time, the Habbo section peaked his interest more than anything else. But with the good, comes the bad. He soon lost interest in the section due to few ‘flamers’ having their opinion clashing with Wires. His first proud contribution on the Habbo section was a thread regarding how to setup a RP (role-play) retro.

After the Habbo section went to ruins, Wires saw someone mention "RATs" and he jokingly thought, "fuck, I didn't even know it was possibly to have rats on the internet". With ample amount of research, he finally realized what a RAT was (Remote Administration Tool). He used his newly found skills and employed them the good way to help his friend out.

After a short while of being on Hack Forums, he then got involved with the Group and Crew board especially the discussions within said board. He never really thought that he had a tiny bit of chance to squeeze into any group and stay as a member, so he went ahead and formed his own group. The group was fairly popular in 2011, but was quickly disbanded as Wires feared for the worst with his bad skill in managing a group. He had also attempted to start another crew, named as Mind Bandits.

After he disbanded the group, he soon tested his luck by submitting an application to join The RATs Crew. As luck would have it, he was unfortunately denied. But within a short span, he successfully became a member of Eminence where at that time was led by WiFi. By the time of his acceptance into the group, he has learnt enough to hold on his own by the time Eminence was closed.

Wires also joined Blackshades, but was quickly kicked out with the rest of the members due to the owner of the group (xvisceral) being arrested for his criminal activities. He also stated that this was his least favorite group.

Pushing forward, Wires was accepted into the mysteriously well-known Red Lions under the leadership of Hуѕтєяιa X™ & Morchid, and then again under Glassy's. However, Wires failed to meet the group criteria and because of that he was kicked from the prestigious group.

Wires was also in the Brotherhood, but didn’t actively take much part into the group to remember anything special.

On to his last group. Revolution. This was most probably perhaps one of the best groups Wires had been in. He felt instantly welcomed, and was free to join in with the banter.

Away from the discussion of groups, another passion of Wires was working with the forum software, MyBB. He can see that his experience with the forum software has dramatically increased and is still increasing up-to this day.

Wires was closed, rep-killed, and reopened all in the space of two weeks. This was due to him partially owning MultiRAT and assuming he could post a selling thread about it. Wires then proceeded to pay Omniscient for a sticky, where he was then closed.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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