Ŀucien Lachance

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Lucien Lachance
Forum: Profile
Status: Closed
Join Date: 04-07-2009

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Aliases: N/A


Joining Hack Forums in 2009, Lucien originally came to the site in order to pursue an interest in programming. Despite this original intention, Lucien inevitably spent the vast majority of his time within the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics and The Lounge sectors of Hack Forums. Due to his various contributions within the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics sector, Lucien was promoted to be a moderator of that section - until he eventually decided to temporarily leave Hack Forums in order to pursue a field in Medical Sciences. His account was eventually closed by Omni, due to his two years plus of inactivity.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Programming enthusiast
  • Enjoys philosophy
  • Interested in Medical Sciences