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Forum: Profile
Status: Closed
Join Date: 08-29-2010

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adampelletgun first joined Hack Forums on the 29th August 2010, when Hack Forums was rapidly growing. He signed up in order to learn about both gaming and security--two very common reasons for new members to join, although, he did not set himself any specific goals once joining as he had no idea what the future would hold for him on site. adampelletgun has been an actively contributing member of Hack Forums within the last year, with an immense 12,000+ post count and an average of just under 16 posts per day. He has been largely recognised as being a helpful member, shown by his 1,100 reputation count, placing him in the top 40 members on the site (when sorted by reputation count as of December 12, 2012). When asked what his past most significant accomplishments have been, he said that he believed becoming a HF Mentor was one, along with his winning of the Member of the Month competition on November of 2012, beating Froggy by a fair margin of 18 votes. adampelletgun also remarked that the person closest to him on the forum would be the fellow mentor Positive, because he was one of the nicest people to talk to along with being a very helpful member.


  • Demoted several times from Mentor but promoted later on.
  • Stepped down as Mentor on August 29, 2015, after releasing his final feedback thread and announcing that he would soon move on from Hack Forums.
  • Former Mentor

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