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Forum: Profile
Status: Inactive
Join Date: 12-02-2007

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Aliases: N/A


Crow joined Hack Forums on 12-02-2007. After joining Hack Forums, he spent most of his time in various sections of the forum. Oftentimes browsing The Lounge, Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics, Beginner Hacking and others. He spent most of his time helping the users of Hack Forums on various subjects surrounding the subforums he was active in. He primarily assisted users with programming languages, questions on Linux operating systems, as well as offered advice on how to keep safe while browsing online.

A year after Crow's registration, he caught the attention of Omniscient with his activity and was promoted to Staff in 2008. In 2010, the member iBruteforce left his Administrator position as a mutual decision with Omniscient because he wanted to pursue his projects. Eventually, Crow took his role.

In April 2010, Omniscient awarded Crow with the Diamond award for being the longest-standing staff member to date. Crow later decided to set off on his own path. He stepped down from his staff position and was awarded the role of Mentor in 2011. He then started devoting time to a project of his own -- Wizard Forums.

Crow is no longer active in Hack Forums, but he can be found on his website.


  • Former Administrator
  • Former Mentor
  • Former Staff member

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Not available at this time.