The Lounge

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The Lounge
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FID: 25
Status: Open
Moderator(s): Mentors
Forum Tab: Common Tab
Parent Forum: Hack Forums Open Discussion
Subforum(s): Sports World
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For great discussions on various subjects and to have some fun relaxed topics you can enter our Lounge. Read the rules in the forums as trolling, spamming, or flaming are not allowed.


The central hub of Hack Forums. Engage with other members from all walks of life and discuss countless topics that don't always deal with hacking.

Subforum Rules

  1. No trolling.
  2. No short posts like "cool story bro", "lol" or "lmao".
  3. Subjects of threads must be sensible to the thread.
  4. Flaming is unacceptable.
  5. This isn't 4chan so don't treat it as such.
  6. No adult images.
  7. No forum games like "person above you", "opinion of you" or one word response threads.
  8. No misleading thread titles or titles inferring adult content.
  9. Anyone breaking these rules will be temp banned without warning.