Secondary Sellers Market

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Secondary Sellers Market
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FID: 176
Status: Open
Forum Tab: Market Tab
Parent Forum: Marketplace
Subforum(s): Virtual Game Items
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Traders Topics

This is a sellers section open to all members. We advise extreme caution in all deals here. Sales threads must follow the policies of HF and we expect you to read them in the help documents.


There is nothing in particular of note about this subforum.

Subforum Rules

  • MarketPlace Rules
    • HF will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
    • Read this guide on safe trading.
    • If you are scammed please use the Deal Disputes forum. Do not send staff a PM. There is little we can do.
    • If reporting a scammer please post as much evidence as you can.
    • If you are a l33t/ub3r member please leave the scammer feedback even if it's neutral.
    • We do not allow any deals that are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud.