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Suggestions and Ideas
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Status: Open
Moderator(s): Mentors
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Subforum(s): MOTM

If you have a suggestion for HF please post it here. Note that many ideas have already been suggested so please take the time to read our stickies.


The official subforum within which Hack Forums members may suggest ideas for the forum. Although it might seem like every idea is unique and never thought of before, there is a high chance that a member's suggestion has been posted in the past. Make sure to search this subforum and read the stickied threads before posting anything.

Subforum Rules

  1. Search this section to make sure your suggestion wasn't given already. It most likely has.
  2. Most suggestions threads are closed with no comment. That's likely because it's rejected.
  3. Don't PM staff or admins about suggestion threads. Either to ask to read them or why a thread was closed.

Important Stickies

Thread Prefixes by Omniscient

[READ] Suggestions That Will Not Be Accepted by Omniscient

Notification Alerts DENIED by Omniscient

Do Not PM Me by Omniscient