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FID: 180
Status: Restricted to members with a Prestige greater than 25.
Moderator(s): Mentors
Forum Tab: Common Tab
Parent Forum: Personal Life

This is our forum for topics pertaining to sexuality and relationships. Please act with maturity and read the rules. Topics include relationship issues and sexual encounters.


The Innuendo forum is a sub forum explicitly for sexual or mature topics. Many of these topics contain lewd content.

Whilst it is alright to ask for help or talk about sexual deviations, relationships (or lack thereof), it is expressly prohibited from posting adult content or related media (as per the official Hack Forums rules).

Subforum Rules

  1. Image tags are disabled.
  2. Act with maturity. Trolling will not be allowed.
  3. Do not link to adult images.
  4. Do not link to adult movies.
  5. Do not link to adult content websites.
  6. Failure to abide by rules will result in quick Limited ban.
  7. No "hookup" posts allowed.
  8. No discussion on pedophilia at all for any reason.
  9. No "rate me" or "rate this person" type threads.
  10. Members must have 25 prestige or be upgraded to post here.

Important Stickies

Prestige Requirement by Omniscient

What is the Innuendo forum? by Omniscient

Rate Me Threads by Omniscient