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HF News
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FID: 162
Status: Open
Moderator(s): MentorsiHydra
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Parent Forum: Rules, Announcements, News, and Feedback

This is the HF News forum for weekly news editions. Check back here to find out about what's happening on Hack Forums every week. Thanks to Yin who founded this section and the HFNT, Writers who release the editions.


This is the subforum wherein HF News announcements and editions are published. Having been founded by Yin, the HF News has thrived for many years and kept many members hanging on its every word.

Subforum Rules

  • Members cannot create threads in this forum. They can reply to existing open threads.

Important Stickies

HFNT // Weekly Reports - Post new changes or happenings in here to get it in the news by iHydra

HFNT // Feedback - Questions, Concerns, Suggestions by iHydra

HFNT // Become a Journalist - Apply now by iHydra

HFNT // Interview Requests & Nominations by iHydra