Rewards and Small Favors

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Rewards and Small Favors
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FID: 255
Status: Open
Forum Tab: Market Tab
Parent Forum: Service Requests

If you'd like to offer small rewards for services you can use this forum. Under $5 only please. Can be anything that's within forum rules.


There is nothing in particular of note about this subforum.

Subforum Rules

  • MarketPlace Rules
    • HF will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
    • Read this guide on safe trading.
    • If you are scammed please use the Deal Disputes forum. Do not send staff a PM. There is little we can do.
    • If reporting a scammer please post as much evidence as you can.
    • If you are a l33t/ub3r member please leave the scammer feedback even if it's neutral.
    • We do not allow any deals that are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud.

  • Rewards and Small Favors Specific Rules
    • Do not use this forum to beg for money or loans.,
    • A maximum limit of $5 for rewards and favors.,
    • You cannot ask for non-free accounts here.

Important Stickies

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