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Join Date: 02-05

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NetScope joined Hack Forums in order to get a cracked version of a tool called "Nfamous". When he first joined, he had no knowledge in the reverse engineering field. After making his first thread, he came across someone who did the job for him, who later became a close friend of his. He was a very well known member for quite some time with over 1000 reputations and went through 43 name changes in total. He stated that his goal is to continue releasing great products for Hack Forums' members. NetScope is also notable within the marketplace. He independently runs and sells several software. NetScope spent his last few posts discussing the new leadership of the group Legion and assisting people with the IRC setup for the group Null.


  • Owner of Netscope products
  Previously had 1000 reputation before Rep Kill.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

"There are still plenty of subtle attacks NSA might try if you're stupid enough to think using the TOR socket alone is protecting your privacy."