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Reputation is a MyBB in-built feature which allows certain groups of members to publicly show their opinion of another member to anyone else in the forum. Currently only people in the L33t or above usergroups can give reputation, but it is available for all members to have or see.

It is commonly abbreviated to 'Rep' or '+*', with the star denoting an amount to add.

Gaining Reputation

To gain reputation many users contribute to the forum in a positive manner- either by helping out other members, conducting successful trades, or providing tutorials or new methods of doing things. No user is ever obligated to give reputation to another member; however, the idea behind Hack Forums reputation is to allow other members to see the literal reputation of a member.

Reputation Abuse

As ideal as the system is, there are members who try to abuse it by offering meaningless or trivial 'rewards' under the unsaid implication that they will receive reputation as a result. Some members even conspire with others to rep each other for the simple fact of gaining reputation. If a member is found to be abusing reputation, they will be rep killed.


  • L33t members can give neutral (0) and +1 reputation, 5 times a day.
  • Ub3r members can give anywhere between -3 and +3, including neutral, 5 times a day.
  • Staff can give -5 to +5, unlimited times a day.
  • Administrators can give -10 to +10, unlimited times a day. Sometimes Omniscient will give more, though rare.