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Kill Joy
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Join Date: 01-29-2011

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Kill Joy started his online hacking career by modding Xbox and Wii games in 2009, where he joined user "peterpanh4x." From there he discovered a forum in 2010 called "Bugabuse," a popular website for Runescape hacking.About a year later, Kill Joy finally signed up to Hack Forums, after knowing about it for awhile. The Runescape hacking scene was bustling and he was able to use that to his advantage, as he already had plenty of knowledge on the topic. Groups never really interested him, besides Red Lions, and he has joined several additional groups over the past couple years, and even led Consensus, a cryptocurrency group owned by ‘Fox.

After about two years of posting and lurking, he got into social media jacking, particularly Instagram, and hacked names such as "Vines," "FIFA," "Worldcup," "Cute," and so on.. It was about this time that got him interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With his previous knowledge in hacking, along with making connections from years prior, he obtained over 240 Bitcoins and held on to them for the long run. It wasn’t until 2015 that he began learning about the technology behind it all, and from then on it became one of his strongest passions During January 2018, he became the sectional moderator for all the cryptocurrency boards on Hack Forums.

Life is often busy for Kill Joy since he joined the United States Marine Corps as active duty in 2015. He is a Joint Fires Observer and help control artillery, mortar, naval gunfire, and air strikes.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • 1000 Positive Reputation
  • Crypto Enthusiast
  • Military Enthusiast