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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 05-07

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Before joining Hack Forums, Riyu spent most of his time playing around with mods on the XBOX gaming console. A close friend of his told him that he could mod games for people on Hack Forums and make some money from it. Riyu was having a tough time with money and decided to join Hack Forums. Riyu had been on a few forums before he joined Hack Forums, so he did not have a hard time fitting in, and immediately started to sell modding services. Watching the money coming in, he became very interested in the site. He began to browse the site every day and picked up man skill sets while on the side making a lot of friends. He decided that he wanted to make even more money, and became a very active member of the marketplace. Selling multiple products and generating enough of an income that he was able to quit his job. With the money that he had earned, he went onto to other ventures and had since entered the PlayStation market where he makes most of his income from. Unfortunately, he got banned for six months due to thread edit abuse, but upon returning, he became much more cautious with the rules. Recently due to assistance with catching multiple scammers, he was invited to become a mentor by Omniscient and accepted. He has become even more active with the intention of assisting the staff of Hack Forums as much as he can by taking some of the work off their load.


  • Past member of the Hack Forums wiki team.
  • Current mentor on Hack Forums.
  • Over 1000+ reputation

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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