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The Rated R Superstar
Forum: Profile
Status: Closed
Join Date: 11-29-2008
Awards: N/A



The Rated R Superstar, commonly referred to as TRRS throughout the forums, joined Hack Forums in the late months of 2008 after being referred by a friend of his. He was initially active within the Xbox 360, One, and Live Gaming section.

Due to his friendly attitude, generous contributions, as well as his strong and positive personality in the forums, he was eventually promoted to Mentor in the next few months. After being vouched by then staff members Kn1ght and iBruteforce, TRRS was also invited by Omniscient to become a Staff for the forums a little over a year later after he registered.

HF is a lot like high school if you really break it down. We have the popular kids, the geeks, the jocks and the authority figures. People still get picked on for being themselves and the ones that stand up to them cause change.
The Rated R Superstar, 2 Years On Staff

Like many other prominent users who got involved in custom users groups, TRRS also owned D.S. Inc, a custom user group focused on grey hat hacking and computer troubleshooting. He also became a leader for the Techsperts user group later on, where he was put in charge for recruitment.

On his last few months of activity, The Rated R Superstar's sentiments towards the forums eventually went south as he personally thought Hack Forums has changed so much over the years and that it has become a haven for assholes and trolls. After getting demoted from being a Staff member, he wrote what seems to be his farewell thread. TRRS still managed to pop in the forum every now and then after that, but eventually became totally inactive which led to the closure of his account.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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