D.S. Inc

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{{GroupBox | GroupName = D.S. Inc | GroupBanner = D.S. Inc (Banner).png | GroupUserbar = D.S. Inc (Userbar).png | Userbar2 = | Userbar3 = | Status = Defunct | DateFounded = | Owner = The Rated R Superstar | Leaders = | Type = Free | PastLeaders = PanikXch4ng3 | PreviousIteration = | NextIteration = Techsperts | Introduction = D.S Inc began recruitment on the 5th of July 2009 when The Rated R Superstar posted a recruitment thread titled 'D.S. Inc - Grey Hat Group Now Recruiting' of which outlined the requirements of the group. To apply users must 'have some knowledge on how to fix computers, or how to hack them,' 'know how to social engineer and manipulate people.' 'Be active at least three times a week,' 'use Correct English grammar and spelling' and 'have MSN, Skype, or other such programs.' Applications included name, age, country, skills and explanations of what applicants can bring to the group as well as why they wished to join D.S. Inc. | History = The D.S Inc user group was initially created to be the first official hacking group on the Hack Forums. Its members boasted the ability to either hack into or fix computers. They were also able to social engineer people for profit along with several other skills such as pen-testing. | CurrentStatus = The group got changed to Techsperts by its owner, [[The Rated R Superstar] which began recruitment on the 28th of April 2011 and was rebranded to Rhythm by Positive. }}