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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-10-2011

Rich Bitch (Award).pngMaster Donator (Award).pngCat Lover (Award).pngSapphire of Ub3r (Award).pngYouTube (Award).pngNinja (Award).pngGavel of Dredd (Award).pngLiberty Reserve Head (Award).pngMember of the Month (Award).pngBitcoinage (Award).pngGift (Award).pngHackerCraft (Award).pngHackerCraft Purple (Award).pngOMC (Award).png


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Dan joined Hack Forums on 10/10/2011. Just like an average member he explored Hack Forums and liked a lot of areas. His areas of interest were The Lounge and Minecraft. Then, he started posting in The Lounge and Minecraft area and day by day his posts were increasing which earned him respect as he was quite active. Later, he became Moderator of the Minecraft Forum and Sub-Forums chosen by Omniscient for his activity in that area which includes Griefing, Minecraft Server Management, and HackerCraft. In October 2012 he became Member of the Month. He led two groups Beacon and Serenity, and later he sold them. He earned a lot of awards, and some of them were for donations to Hack Forums such as Rich Bitch, Master Donator, Liberty Reserve Head, Bitcoinage, and OMC. Dan. is quite active in almost all regions of Hack Forums since then.


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