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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 10-16-2010

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Sir joined Hack Forums under the original name Elysianman on October 16, 2010. This was also his Minecraft name. His original reason for joining Hack Forums was through a Minecraft server where players talked about Hack Forums. In his earlier days, his posts were mostly focused in the Minecraft section, until he became a part of the Reviewers.

He wrote the Gamers News, back when there was a Gamers group. This led to Qwazz reaching out and asking if he would like to do the User News section for the HF News. He continued to write this section for the HF News until there was what he called a "Hostile Takeover" that involved xerotic and Judge Dredd harassing new leader Cobalt+. This led to a change of leadership within the HF News, something that Sir was adamant about making public. Shortly after, Omniscient created the Writ3rs group, which housed the HF News Team and later the Wiki Team.

Sir became leader of the HF News Team after Cobalt+, where he served as leader and Publisher of the HF News for two years. He also offered a writing service to the public.

In March 2015, following increased tension between the News and Wiki Teams in the Writ3rs group, Sir and others within the News Team released an unofficial Hack Forums W1K1 to counter the official Wiki. They cited the lack of content and what they considered overall failure of the Wiki project as their reason to launch the W1K1. As a result, Sir's account was closed and his reputation was reset by Omniscient. His permanent closure left the future of the News Team uncertain, but he was swiftly superseded by iHydra.

Upon the release of the HF News's 232nd edition, Sir was featured in the regular podcasts released in each news edition, speaking about the W1K1 release, recent controversy and his account closure, as well as an unflattering opinion of Omniscient. In response of the inflammatory podcast, Omniscient posted a topic titled "Sir and Drama," which detailed the full extent of his interaction with Sir. Closing the thread was a warning that defending Sir, bringing up the recent controversy or talking about him in a podcast would result in a closed account.

As a result of the podcast, Sir's account name was changed to "Douchebag #145," his account reputation was again reset and Omniscient posted a -10 reputation on his profile, stating, "If you + rep this guy I will RepFuck you."

His account was reinstated for the 2022 Amnesty April.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Involvement with the "Hostile Takeover" of the HF News
  • Involvement with the Unofficial HF W1k1 and subsequent account closure