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Status: Active
Join Date: 07-04-2011

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Originally joining in mid-late 2011, Washi (TheUnkownProgrammer) join Hack Forums with the intention of learning more about cryptography, Visual Basic and the .NET Framework, and to make friendship with people of similar interest to his own. Over the years, Washi has made various contribution across Hack Forums; whether it be keygenme challenges and help inside the Decompiling, Reverse Engineering, Disassembly, and Debugging sector of Hack Forums, or it be the various amounts of useful and applicable applications he has released to the Visual Basic and the .NET Framework sector of Hack Forums- Washi has made a significant impact at Hack Forums over his years. Currently, you can find Washi lurking within the C# and VB sectors of Hack Forums.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • VB Lover
  • C# Enthusiastic
  • Large interest in Reverse Engineering
  • Released LiteDevelop and AsmResolver