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Mr. Robot
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Join Date: 04-10-2015

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Mr. Robot first joined Hack Forums in early 2015 whilst looking for a way to secure his wireless network from intrusion. Whilst searching, HF appeared as he stumbled upon a thread talking about pixie for WPS hacking, a topic that was new to him and instantly hooked him in. Prior to joining, the Australian ran a small internet café with 12 computers and has always had a strong passion for technology.

In the first few months of browsing for interesting topics, Mr. Robot came across the group Red Lions and was inspired to live up to their example of dedicating themselves to teaching others. It had become a dream to one day represent the group and in September of 2016, he turned down an invitation to join the group, feeling like he had more to learn when it came to following the rules. When asked why he constantly releases high-quality tutorials for free, Robot stated:

My main motivation on Hack Forums is to bounce ideas off other people. It's important to me that everyone has a base level of understanding - at least about things that can be done and to have an open mind about exploring new ideas and changing their opinions. I can only learn so much on my own so if I can skip some corners for others, they can learn on their paths and hopefully share back with things I would have never thought of myself. From this, we can come together as a community and come up with ideas to allow growth in the 'hacking' field.

Having one of the highest post counts, Mr. Robot has previously admitted to being addicted to the forum, explaining that he enjoys "being able to communicate honestly and openly about topics with other users and see the progress and growth of [his] own investments into others (knowledge wise), making an ROI." In addition to enjoying watching other people gain knowledge and develop, he said, when asked, that HF has benefitted him in several ways as well, stating:

I've been able to develop and work with many users on the forum on different projects - while also leading up to some ideas I've had for hardware devices I now sell. It [Hack Forums] does take up a lot of my time, I think it averages 8 hours a day almost every day but it's like any job really.

On the 6th of October, 2018, Mr. Robot announced his official group, owned by TrustWoofer, called Cyber Gentlemen. The group was a vision of his, consisting of members who aspire to always "be respectful to those who deserve respect", aiming to consists of some of the highest quality members the site had to offer.

When asked about some of his most memorable moments and highlights, there were many things that stuck out, with some of the key things he stated being:

I think helping track down scammers is something I really enjoy. Getting the HF logo as a tattoo and having a user called Kawen pay $2,000 USD for a tattoo and award [are both rather memorable moments]. [Another highlight is] being the only, I believe, user to have all of the gems - r00t being given to me before it was the award for upgrading to that tier. Also, the many 'earned' awards from Omniscient which I have sold a few off since that became a feature.

A piece of advice that Mr. Robot would give to a new member of Hack Forums is:

I would advise replying to threads as fair handed as you possibly can. It's quite easy to spot out multi accounters/ban evaders due to this alone. One's attitude is extremely important to how others perceive them, especially when we have no social cues as far as facial expressions/tone to discern from.

Just to end it off, I would recommend simply living by this principle. "Would the future you be happier and better off if you did whatever you are thinking of doing right now"

In essence, this is saying - you want to go to the gym or do your laundry? Will the future you be grateful to the past you for doing it - or will the future you be annoyed that it could be done already?


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Outside of the forum, Mr. Robot enjoys everything regarding computers, whether it's coding, working on games, watching videos or gaming.
  • Something that people may not know about him is that he works alongside the Australian police force as a licensed Private Investigator!