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Doctor Blue
Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 08-25-2012

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Doctor Blue joined Hack Forums on 08/25/2012. He was referred here for a solution to a problem that he asked on a Danish Forum, so he signed up. His area of interest is Crypto Currency. When Bitcoins were very new, he wrote this in on September 2nd, 2012: He ran the first ever pool for Omnicoin v1 and some reason it was the only one for quite some time. With Omnicoin v2 he was the project co-leader (Crypto and he decided to fix some issues about the project, which was how the whole team became a thing). He still has the alert keys to this day, although It's very unlikely that he will ever need them. You can have a look at this thread for an overview: In mid-2015 he became Mentor probably because of either his involvement with the Omnicoin Project or he helped him with something completely different. Also, he thinks Omniscient was considering him for staff but didn't because he wasn't that active. He ran twBooter with 'Snorlax for a few months at some point. Later he joined Writers from around June 13th, 2014 and was writing Omnicoin news. He also wrote a bunch of user scripts, but only a few of them are public and most of them are obsolete by now. Currently, he is studying MSc. in Software Engineering and working part-time as a System Operator/Developer and backend developer for websites.


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Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

I like to be involved with official projects and groups like the writers, but I don't like the massive hype around the custom user groups. I am obviously a fan of asymmetric cryptography and its many uses in secure key exchanges and cryptocurrencies.