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Status: Closed
Join Date: 10-23-2010

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Aliases: N/A


Yellows signed up on Hack Forums October 23rd, 2010. He originally found Hack Forums from a guy who kept hitting him offline, causing trouble between the two. Through the guy, he found out about Hack Forums and joined hoping to learn how to host boot. Upon signing up, he looked around and got a free booter. After getting this, he became inactive and didn't return to Hack Forums for six months or so. Once he came back around June or July 2011, he stayed active because of both the community and because he was still trying to string off the last of the gamertags he had. His initial goal when signing up included learning the ability to knock opponents offline in Halo 3. He later then started selling gamertags in the Gamertags forum. Eventually Hack Forums just became a place of habit and comfort for him.

Yellows purchased the Ub3r upgrade status on August 14th 2011. The first group he ever joined was Rhythm. This was when Positive was owner, and it just switched from the Techsperts not too long before. Over time, Yellows moved up the ranks and became leader of Rhythm with Positive being owner, and Phytrix.

During the time that The Empire started, he was added in and invited to the group. After working hard, he finally became leader of it, as well. Other groups he has been in include Void, 143, Legacy, Graphic Masters, Marketers, illuminati, Techsperts, Eminence, Minecrafters, Blackshades, Creed, Valor, Serenity, and Respawn.

Yellows became known for making his posts use the right-align tag, so all text aligned to the right side of the page instead of the standard left-to-right. Although he doesn't remember why he started right-aligning his posts, he continued to use it for originality, personal preference and because of the annoyance it caused some members.

Some of his more noteable contributions have included a thread in Innuendo for relationship and emotional advice, first under 143 and then under the group Phoenix, as the group changed hands. Another notable thread includes this thread in The Gamers Lounge.


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