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Join Date: 01-22-2011

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Eternal. joined Hack Forums on January 22, 2011. He found the forum when he was an "Android noob". He had recently bought a Droid X2 and his friend rooted it for him. His main intention at first, was to learn how to duplicate what his friend had done. Overtime, he got bored of the Android Operating System section. He fell in love with the Anime Adventures forum and started to watch anime series in his spare time. He really loved this section because "it had everything he needed." Because of this, he stayed on the site when he originally lost interest with the Android Operating System section.

When asked if he had any goals, it is revealed that Hack Forums was his first forum. He wanted to learn how to root Androids, and customize them in any way possible. According to him, the forum wasn't good enough and he found another forum to learn what he wanted to do.

Pursuing on his time here, he eventually became leader of the group The Empire. He was promoted with the member Prox on May 31, 2013.

On joining groups, Eternal. has quite a history:

Rhythm - Positive invited me to join it because I said something funny in my application. From there I met a few friends I still know today, as well of a lot of people I recognize in The Empire. I was a lounge whore in Rhythm, the people were so easy to talk to and the leaders organized the group really well. It was fun for everyone and it sucks that it's gone.

143 - After Rhythm I was invited into 143, which was what I was hoping for. I knew of the leaders, but didn’t really know them very well. I believe I was invited for giveaways and relationship advice in Innuendo. The group is a great group to this day, really small but there is a bond and a trust we have in 143. Much like a family.

The Creed - For a brief amount of time I was in The Creed, I helped out Tranquility with checking members for activity. I liked him as a person, but I believe Primal Rage got the best of him and he started scamming and attacking the site, so I had heard.

The Empire - I joined The Empire a while ago, I was active and got to know a lot of their members. I noticed one thing--their leaders kept coming and going for various reasons. I stayed in the group, but was largely inactive on the site and all groups for a while but Tibit never kicked me. The Empire had a lot of enemies for some reason, and I became involved a little, indirectly and because of other people I was involved with didn't like Tibit or the fact that I was in The Empire. All of that has since settled, and I am now a leader managing all The Empire noobs.

Legion – As I said above, me and Anonymous are good friends. Because of that, and the fact that he knows my skill set and weaknesses he invited me to be in Legion. Legion is a good group, requires a bit of time, dedication and knowledge. I resigned due to lack of time, but plan to apply again in the future.

He was asked if anyone had made a lasting impact on him and he replied back:

Anonymous – He was my first real friend here, I have been talking to him about random crap for about a year now. Back when we were both noobs on Hack Forums.

Tibit – He is really good friend and a nice guy, as of writing this I his co-leader, which he gave me the honor of being. It’s a great group of people, just needs great leaders, which I believe it now has.

xadamxk – He is an awesome guy, I have been friends with him for a while. He is like me, but with iOS instead of Android. He makes a great partner and leader of The Empire.

Daisy – She has become like a sister to me. I love this girl, she has been one of the best members of Hack Forums in my opinion as she is selfless, and very caring for people.

Stay Plural- She is an alright person when you get to know her, very loyal friend.

Vinnie – A troll, a cat lover and an overall funny person in my opinion.


  • Past leader of The Empire

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