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Join Date: 02-12-2011

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As a teen, Anonymous was very interested in the art of deceiving and tricking other people, which brought him to magic as it is 80% human manipulation. After realizing how easy it was to actually get inside the mind of somebody else, he decided to move on from just "playing" with friends and take his talents online, and thus on February 12, 2011, Anonymous began his time on Hack Forums.

Hack Forums gave him the tools he needed, but just like with magic, most of the work was 80% human manipulation. After mastering methods of infecting others, Αnonymous really found out how easy you can trick the human mind by only using text.

On the January 30, 2013, Anonymous officially announced the launch of his new group Legion. The group is a dedicated hacking group, and is co-owned by the user Vinnie. He and Vinnie have since then purchased the usergroup Illuminati. The group was sold to them for an unreleased price on February 22, 2013. When asked about his friendships on Hack Forums, Anonymous said:

People come and people go. Sometimes they come back. I haven't had one lasting friend throughout the time, but it seems like 'Anonymous' might be that friend, though our friendship is new.


  • Former Owner of Illuminati
  • Former Owner of Legion
  • Involved in the Root members' leaking of various Legion members' DOXes.

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