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Join Date: 10-16-2011

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Prox joined Hack Forums on October 16th, 2011. His main intention was to widen his knowledge in things such as website security and using hacking tools. After becoming more acclimated with the community, he purchased L33t membership and subsequently Ub3r, a few months later.

Active in the Anime Adventures forum, Prox loves to draw, especially anime characters.

Prox became a leader of The Empire towards the end of May, 2013.

He was asked if anyone has made a lasting impact on him. He replied:

Defiantly Tibit I've known him for a long time and he really helped me with some IRL stuff and is just a great friend. Even though I didn't really know or talk to him that much until after I got leader, obviously, I talk to him on TeamSpeak and such constantly and he really is an amazing friend. I care about him a lot and I wouldn't wish for anybody else to be with me. ;3

On his group history, Prox said:

Well, to be honest, my first group was Root. I wasn't really interested in groups at the time but I joined right before they invited everybody and kicked them out, I didn't really mind. Then I quit a while and joined few groups that were later sold. My first "active" group that I joined was Terror, but even then I wasn't that active in it. I left right before they kicked their members. Then I joined Legacy right when it opened up and was quite active in that group, probably got the most threads and posts in the first few days, but then I got accepted into The Empire and focused my attention on that group. After posting a discussion thread every day, doing the recruitment thread OP for Tibit, then later running the whole recruitment and doing more official OPs for Tibit, I later got Leader and began mentoring and recruiting the new members. By far my favorite group I've been in and I absolutely love the community. I plan to stay in this group for a very long time.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Computer hardware
  • Drawing
  • Anime