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Join Date: 11-22

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Views joined Hack Forums in 2015, and his original reason for joining the site was to find an original PlayStation gamer tag that he was searching for. Views decided to stay on the forum after he found the gamer tag that he was searching for, and made a lot of different friends including Red Sox, Realizm, and Illuminati▲. In January of 2016, Views became a temporary leader of the group Dark, but this was stopped after a week by Omniscient, who decided to not allow rental ownership of official Hack Forums user groups. Over his time here, Views has been actively invested in a number of different groups which includes most notably for him Titans, Synergy, and The Brotherhood because that's where he made a lot of his friends on the site. Views is currently an aspiring college student who is studying to be an aerospace engineer. On Hack Forums, Views is trying to learn as many skills as he possibly can. Some of his hobbies include watching a variety of different sports, and is also an avid gamer. Views is known as a very hardworking and loyal individual who likes to achieve any goal he sets his mind to.


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