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Join Date: 11-03-2014

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Bankrupt came to Hack Forums in search of Instagram followers for his social media account. During that time he didn't spend much time interacting with the community, and became increasingly inactive. He returned in 2016 once more, spending a majority of his time in the Vices section before later going inactive again. In 2020, Bankrupt came back, but this time he had decided to begin being involved within the community. He started hosting multiple giveaways and had chosen to work on building a reputation for himself on the forum. After observing some official groups, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to have a group of his own and purchased Masterminds before rebranding it to Hustlers.

At this point he had witnessed other groups profiting from selling spots in their groups, which led to him allowing entry to Hustlers through buy-ins. After underwhelming activity within the group, he had decided to rebrand once more, completely removing the option to buy into the group and renamed it to The Insiders. This was an attempt to bring more prestige to the groups image and remove the monetary aspect from it. Since rebranding, Bankrupt has tried to spend his time assisting new members, providing upgrades for users along with being increasingly more active within the community as a whole. A user who originally joined to benefit from the marketplace, decided to stay in an effort to help better the forums community.


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