When to Contact Staff

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Before you contact an Admin or Staff of HF please read this entire Help Doc. Staff does not have unlimited time to answer the questions of millions of members. We've created comprehensive help docs which answer almost all questions. So it's important to us that our time is not wasted. Read read read.

Can I contact admins about a reputation abuse?

Only if you've carefully read existing policies. Located HERE. Alternately, view the Rep Abuse article. Important to note that if a rep doesn't violate a policy we will not remove it.

My account was stolen. How do I recover it?

Read this Help Doc on Stolen Accounts. Basically your best shot is to use the contact form and provide detailed information.

Who should I contact about my ub3r/l33t upgrade?

Read our Help Doc on Upgrading to L33t or Ub3r.

I want an award. Who do I ask?

You have to take the time to read our Awards Help Doc.

Who do I contact to sticky my thread?

We do not take suggestions from members for stickies. We simply can't sticky every thread members want. We limit the quantity. So don't contact us. If you want a paid sticky then please read our Advertising with Hack Forums doc.

I know a member is ban evading. I'd like to report them. Who do I contact?

For that you must contact Staff or an Admin by PM to verify this. Your identity will remain private.

I know a member who is abusing reps. I'd like to report them. Who do I contact?

First make sure that it's abuse defined by our Reputation System help doc. If it does then contact Staff or an Admin via PM with any evidence you have.

I want to donate. I can't find a link. Who do I contact?

You must PM the owner Omniscient. He will provide you instructions.

I was given a warning I didn't deserve. Can I get it removed?

It's not likely. If you have a question about the warning please PM the staff member you received it from. If you click your profile then click the warning percentage you should get more details including who warned you.

I filed a report but no action was taken. Should I directly contact staff?

Try to report the post again. If it doesn't allow you then it's still in the report queue waiting for action. It's also possible staff decided no action was warranted.

I have a great idea for HF. Who do I contact?

We are not taking suggestions via PM. Our suggestions forum is open. You can post there.

I want to be a forum moderator or on staff. How do I do this?

We have a doc for Becoming Staff. That's a great place to start.

A member is harassing me via PM. I want to complain.

Staff won't take action so don't complain to us. You can add the member to your ignore list. They will then be unable to PM you.

Someone is threatening to release my DOX. Can you help?

Our site policy does not allow the posting of private data. However we can't take action based on off-site activity. We sympathize but there is very little we can do.

I'm getting spam PM advertising. How do I report it?

Forward the PM to Staff or an Admin member. We will investigate it immediately.

I have a valid complaint about staff that I want to report to admins. Is that allowed?

Yes it is. You can PM Omniscient but be aware you're not likely to get results. Often members feel staff action taken on their account is unfair but fact remains that it's impossible to always be fair. Your complaint will be quickly reviewed and if necessary action will be taken.

Can I PM Staff to ask them to change my username, edit my post, junk my threads or other similar tasks?

No you may not. Being able to do things such as change your username, or edit old posts, is a subscriber-only privilege. It is unfair if non-paying members get these abilities too, through asking Staff; so we make it our policy to ignore all requests related to this. Please read the help doc Upgrading to l33t or ub3r for any further information regarding upgrading to a subscriber account.

I don't see my question answered in the help docs. Am I safe to contact staff?

Apparently. Let's hope so. Go for it. You've been warned.

What happens if I contact an Admin or Staff and my question is answered in the help docs?

You're probably going to get a negative reputation and your PM ignored. You might even get a warning too.