Becoming Staff

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What are the requirements to become staff?

We have no specific requirements to list for you. However it stands to reason a staff member should be well respected, understanding of the current rules, mature, and professional. Account activity may also play a role. This doesn't mean 3000 posts of garbage will get you on staff. The quality of your membership is going to be based on the quality of your posts.

How are staff chosen?

Staff are selected by Omniscient with the input of the other staff members. Normally staff starts a nomination list and members are reviewed for a few days. Then an invite is sent to the member asking if they would like to be on the staff.

Can I moderate a specific section?

We only have a few forum moderators on the site. Some forums don't require a moderator at all. The forums that do require a moderator will have one chosen by Omniscient.

Should I send Omni a PM about being on staff?

Absolutely do not PM Omniscient. You will not get a response or at least one you will like. Staff members do not nominate themselves. Staff are chosen and invited.

Are staff paid?

Staff are not paid on HF. Each staff member is a volunteer.

If I become staff can I abuse other members?

Nope. You'll be removed and probably banned.