The Minecrafters

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The group is currently closed.


Castle Bravo [Barneyyz™

Group History

The group was purchased in 2011 by the user Castle Bravo who decided to make it a Minecraft group. The group had a private server here on Hack Forums and they aimed to improve the Minecraft forum. Castle Bravo later decided to change the group into Root.

Goal or Manifesto

The Minecrafters is a group dedicated to improving the Minecraft section on Hackforums, as well as restoring and enhancing the original Minecraft gaming experience for Minecraft players everywhere.


The requirements for recruitment were:

  • Must have at least 400 posts.
  • No spamming/low quality posting.
  • No open/unresolved scam reports.
  • You may have negative reputations but they will be reviewed on a case to case basis.
  • Be a member of HF for more than 3 months.
  • Post at least twice per day in the subforum.
  • Must have 150+ posts in the Minecraft section. (Not griefing)
  • Must own a Minecraft account.
  • Have a warning level lower than 15.

The requirements varied each recruitment.

Group Images

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