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Teh Afro
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Join Date: 05-14-2016
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As a young teenager, Teh Afro initially joined Hack Forums to learn different programming languages, like Java. This eventually led him to pursue an interest in cheat development for a variety of games, which led him to place his footstep in the marketplace.

While maintaining his activity in the marketplace, he sold various products such as social media boosting services, crypters, and other tools. He also became a leader of Instinct, which would eventually be Nightfall. Proceeding to find ways to make a profit from the marketplace, he realized the saturation of the marketplace combined with the end of Nightfall and chose to leave the marketplace entirely. At an unknown period, Teh Afro's account was deleted for reasons unknown.

Currently, he lurks within The Lounge and Counter Strike sections of Hack Forums.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Programming Enthusiast
  • Former cheat developer