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Status: Active
Join Date: 04-18-2010

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Happeh originally joined Hack Forums at a young age. His prime motive for joining was to find hacks that could assist him in gaining an advantage through multiple video games. When Happeh originally joined Hack Forums, he despised his English class and the language itself. He was struggling to improve his English, and his marks were dropping. He decided to apply for the Reviewers as they were recruiting. They were in charge of reviewing services/products offered on Hack Forums, and a lot of members looked up to their reviews to determine rather or not they should purchase a product/service. Unfortunately, a big requirement to apply was to be fluent in the English language. He decided to lie about his English skills, and with the assistance of his friends who proofread his application, he managed to get into the group. There, he was able to drastically improve his English fluency and gain the knowledge to become a very good critic. After being a member for only a month, he left because of personal reasons. He realized that his English was not as bad as it seemed after leaving the group. Following a short break, he returned and became a member of the prestigious Writer group where he assisted with the weekly news thread. He also became a member of the Anime Adventures Weekly team, which posted news about Anime and Manga in the Anime Adventures section. Unfortunately, his activity has sharply declined recently. He has stepped down from the Writers, and the production of the Anime Adventures weekly news thread has halted.


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