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Darkwin stopped using the Internet for around 3 years. When Darkwin came back online, the first thing he wanted to do was find a hacking forum. Most of the sites he tried to sign-up on at the time were "full of elitists or kids whom had no knowledge whatsoever regarding the subject". Darkwin gave up on his search until one day at his friend's house, while looking for cheats for the game Urban Terror, he came across Hack Forums. He immediately signed-up under the name "NoobsNightmare". After lurking around the forum for awhile, he began to contribute slowly towards the community doing giveaways and writing tutorials.

Darkwin Hack Forums looked up to members such as Qwazz, Zach, Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ, Nightmare, N3w_2_H@Ck1n™, BlackShadow, Boxxy, bugga, TheHackersLove, and David Bowie. He wished to be:

...a respectable member as well as become trustworthy so people wouldn't be afraid to deal with me.

Darkwin has exposing several members for being scammers. One of them being Subscription(Legitti) whom at the time was a high-ranking member with plenty of awards, entry into majority of the groups and over 500+ positive reputation points.

Eventually, he started to talk and become friends with the user WiFi.. Darkwin stated:

Even though many people told me it was an bad idea to speak to him, let's get real: the "1337 Haxxor" song definitely made an impact on my Internet persona.

WiFi was the leader and owner of the group Eminence. Darkwin became leader of the group overtime. Later on, WiFi changed his user group, Eminence, into the group WiFi Gang. Darkwin was a leader of this as well as the member Apple J4ck.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Monetizing or marketing
  • Networking
  • Music production and development