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Join Date: 07-25-2010

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prometheus., then known as WiFi, came to HF to sell multiple products, including Worm 'Em, which he purchased from the member _char, a self coded booter called DDOS 'EM, and Worm 'Em, developed by Positive. He wished to learn from other HF members and give back to the community as well. In July of 2011, he purchased an official Hack Forums usergroup that was known as Eminence, a group based on networking, web security and online exploitation.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Popular producer of dubstep, including "1337 Haxxor" and other songs.
  • The first "pay for entry" group on Hack Forums.
  • Interests include making money and learning skills that could be used later on life (music making, web coding,)