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Join Date: 03-17

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Understalker joined Hack Forums on March 17, 2013. When he first joined he wanted to learn how to hack. More specifically, he wanted to take revenge on a game server that banned him. This led him to buy his first booter, (Toxicboot.pw). When he got more involved with the community, he found about RATting and Keylogging. There were also other things that also caught his eye, one which were money making ebooks. However, he soon found out they were not worth purchasing. Soon, after he got more experienced he started to work with RATS. After learning how they worked he started to help out members with questions and problems they had. With his knowledge on RATS, he began to monetize them which gave him great success.

Understalker purchased "PowerStresser" for $6,000 and once he started working the money came in quickly. He was heavily involved with the stresser, trying to make it better for his customers. Later, PowerStresser's domain was blacklisted and the source he was using was written in Laravel, meaning he couldn't make a payment redirection to avoid limitations. He later decided to move his main products offsite. He was making a great income averaging $500 a day with his stresser. He would never "stop" and say this is enough and he would always want more. His marketing skills in the stresser business were amazing. Even though Hack Forums wasn't his main source of income, without it he wouldn't be making his income.

In July of 2015, Understalker had a talk with Omniscient after which they decided it was best that Understalker should leave the site. The last advice he gave to the community was "Stick to your business, trust me when I say you can make an easy $300 a week here selling a decent program with little to none marketing."


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