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Join Date: 04-18-2012

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Daisy joined Hack Forums on April 19, 2012 after a request by the user 'Cody that she do so. Her original take on the forum was one of apprehension, initially fearing to post or talk to other members as they seemed intimidating at the time. However, with time, she built up her courage and started posting regularly in the Innuendo section. Shortly after, she upgraded her account to L33t. Daisy eventually determined to approach Hack Forums with the same mentality that she applied to everyday life.

To always be kind, treat others as I would like them to treat me and to help those, that I am capable of helping. See they're not so much goals, but rather a way of life.

With that in mind, less than 4 months after first joining, she posted a gargantuan 4th of July upgrade contest. Numerous members were upgraded by both Daisy and Cody, fulfilling her goal of helping out whoever she could.

Daisy's crowning achievement was the group 143. Her group grew to celebrity status and could be described as more than a simple group for her -- 143 truly was "family".

Having grown from the seeds of an idea that began when her and 'Cody were both in Rhythm, initially, the concept was not taken seriously due to the massive price tag attached. However, as Daisy and 'Cody spent more time on Hack Forums, they brought the idea to Omniscient, who eventually approved the last official Hack Forums group for the time.

Daisy and 'Cody decided that 143 would be a perfect name for their group, especially with the meaning behind it. Like everything else Daisy had done, the focus of the group was designed on their ideal version of one -- a group based on "giving".

Her opinions towards 143 are:

I honestly could not be happier nor prouder to co-own 143 and be a part of such an amazing group of people. Sure it's not all sunny and roses but we work through our issues as they arise (there have been a few). But that's what family is about, you have to work through things together.

The bond that we've formed is truly unique, I didn't think it would be possible to allow people from a "hackers forum" into my heart, but they hacked their way in. ;)


  • Leader and co-owner of 143
  • Has jointly hosted multiple large-scale upgrade and giveaway contests with 143 and 'Cody.
  • Known for hosting massive contests during holiday seasons and famous dates in which as many as 10 members were upgraded at a time.
  • Purchased or given away large numbers of gifts, including Emerald Donator and Rich Bitch awards for members.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Posting in 143 or Innuendo section
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Caring for her horses and dogs
  • Talking with 'Cody