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Join Date: 02-23

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Bandors joined the forum on Febuary 23, 2012. Bandors has said he doesn't quite remember how he found the forum, or what motivated him to signup, but it was most likely to learn how to "hack" something.

Over the years, Bandors slowly gained respect and popularity. After a bit of gambling on Bustabit, he achieved a profit of $30,000. Using this money he invested in a usergroup, buying Kingpin from V for Vendetta, rebranding it into Illuminati (2016). Having the knowledge under his belt from leading 3 groups beforehand, he focused his attention on giveaways and contests.

Bandors was accused of scamming multiple members but after certain time he paid everyone he owed.

Bandors also focuses his time on his business, where he mentors users on various hacking techniques for a fee of $20 an hour.


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