Upgrading to 3p1c, l33t, or ub3r

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This is the FAQ about account upgrades.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

Currently there are three options for paid membership:
L33t (Userbar).png = $18
Ub3r (Userbar).png = $25
3p1c (Userbar).png = $15

What benefits are there for upgraded accounts?

L33t (Userbar).png

  • Ability to change username
  • Ability to create custom usertitle
  • Ability to give positive and neutral reputations
  • Ability to add an image to your signature
  • Ability to upload your avatar
  • Access to all member forums
  • An HF IM XMPP (hackforums.im) account
  • Removal of Lounge post limit restriction
  • Can edit/delete your own posts without time limits
  • Can self-close your own threads
  • Max Post Length setting is 12,000 characters
  • Can view a members Post Activity statistics
  • Ignored members cannot view your profile
  • Private message box of 1500
  • Removal of advertisements
  • Ability to post in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics forum
  • Special l33t member group icon
  • Gauth 2-Factor Authentication account security

Ub3r (Userbar).png

  • All L33t abilities and privileges
  • Ability to give negative reputations
  • Reputation power increased to 3 points
  • Can give 5 reputations per day
  • PM box increased to 2500 messages
  • Access to all member forums
  • Can view Negative Reputation Log
  • Can search Username History
  • Can edit/delete your own posts without time limits
  • Can view past 72 hours Warning Log
  • Removal of advertisements
  • Special member group icon (replaces the L33t group image)
  • Max Post Length setting is 18,000 characters
  • Additional thread creation ability in some Marketplace sections
  • Can view the Bans page
  • Access to Reputations Given
  • Can edit your post after a moderator edit
  • Special Ub3r sapphire award
  • Can deny PM receipts
  • Can view invisible users in who's online list
  • Custom stars
  • Can invoke a Self Ban
  • Can junk your own thread from public view
  • Ability to view other members warnings not just points
  • Can open and close your own threads
  • Additional private support for site problems
  • Access to Trust Scan feature
  • Can use Country Lock

3p1c (Userbar).png

  • Gauth 2-Factor Authentication account security
  • Private Message box increased to 5000
  • Search flood limit set to 5 seconds
  • Max Post Length setting is 24,000 characters
  • Post flood limit set to 1 second (*additionally requires Ub3r)
  • Private Message flood limit set to 1 second (*additionally requires Ub3r)
  • Access to Trust Scan feature
  • Can invoke a Self Ban
  • Can use Country Lock
  • Ignored members cannot view your profile
  • 3p1c userbar image on profile

How do I know if I qualify to be in the ub3r group?

You should meet the following requirements before applying:

  • Must have at least 250 posts.
  • Must have at least 25 reputation.
  • Must be a member at least 60 days.
  • If denied cannot apply again for 90 days.

If you pass aforementioned requirements, you may go ahead and apply for Ub3r. Be warned, your account will be manually inspected by Omniscient.

Why do you require approval for Ub3r?

This is the forum's highest level paid group. Each account is manually reviewed and required to meet the criteria to be approved. We do this in order to ensure the best integrity possible for the group.

If I am denied, can I reapply?

Yes you can, but only after 90 days have passed. Be aware you may be permanently denied ub3r if an account review reveals that you're a low quality user.

I was denied ub3r. Can I find out why?

No, you cannot. We do not publish requirements thus we can't provide you denial reasons. Do not PM admins inquiring about denial reasons.

I paid for membership, how long till my account is upgraded?

Typically within 24 hours. Do not inquire via PM or create a support thread until at least 24 hours have passed. Include your transaction ID.

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept Bitcoin only for L33t/Ub3r, and LTC/BTC/DOGE for 3p1c. PayPal has been removed from the list of payment methods due to certain complications. Other options might be available in the future.

Can someone else pay for my upgrade?

Yes they can, but be aware if the payment is reversed or fraudulent, it can be your account that potentially be banned. Do not allow untrusted sources to buy you an upgrade. Be cautious and weary of those wanting to give you something for nothing. If you're upgraded and believe the payment to be fraudulent contact an admin.

Can a l33t member buy me ub3r?

No they cannot. Only ub3r can gift other ub3r accounts.

Can I buy an upgrade for someone else?

Yes, but all payments have to be with verified information. Any Ub3r payments must first be approved by Omniscient. All recipients of ub3r must also be approved. There is a form entry for a link to a users profile if you're gifting an upgrade.

What happens if my payment is reversed for some reason?

The result will be the closing of your account. If you'd like to fix the reversed payment we will only accept Bitcoins and there is an additional $20 reversal fee.

Can I pay with a stolen credit card or with fake information?

No you may not. Any payments with fake information will result in your account being closed at HF. Every payment is manually inspected to check for fraud. We expect real phone numbers, addresses, and a matching IP location for the billing address. If you don't want to provide this data, then don't upgrade.

How will you know the order is for my account?

In order for checkout to work you have to be logged into your HF account. The checkout pages automatically grab your user ID and username for us to see as part of the order.

What happens if my PP account is limited or the upgrade is reversed due to unforseen circumstances?

If you wish to recover an account closed due to a payment reversal you'll need to pay the original amount plus a $20 reversal fee for each reversed payment.

Do upgraded accounts expire?

Currently they do not. Originally l33t was a yearly subscription, but has since changed to permanent. If you have a l33t yearly subscription, you must upgrade before it expires to take advantage of the upgrade discount.

Can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final. We do not offer any refunds for any reason. If you do a chargeback, we will close your account permanently.