Trust Scan

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What is Trust Scan?

Trust Scan is a feature that allows members members to view various facts about a members accounts.

It's basically statistics that could assist you in making a choice to trust a member in a deal or not. Without giving out any private data on an account I have summed up some key information. - Omniscient

What Statistics Am I Able To See With Trust Scan?

  • Gauth/2FA activation date
  • Last Email Change
  • Number of Unique Country Logins
  • Number of Unique Login IP's
  • Number of Unique ISP's
  • Matching registration and last IP
  • Matching region of registration and latest IP
  • Latest IP Matching Other Members
  • Deal Disputes (Claimant/Defendant)
  • Password Reset in Last Week
  • Last Login IP Change Date
  • Ub3r Approval Status

How Do I Access Trust Scan?

You can access trust scan by visiting this link or by visiting a member's profile page and clicking on Trust Scan