Stolen And Lost Hack Forums Accounts

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While we wish all of our members had perfect security, the simple fact is that people make mistakes which can lead to their account being compromised.

What May Happen

If a Hack Forums user's account becomes compromised, these things may happen to their account:

  • Their account may get banned, sometimes permanently.
  • A password reset may be issued to their e-mail.
  • Administrators might send them a confirmation e-mail.
  • They may receive private messages from the Staff team.

Users should expect a combination of these things, or all of these things to happen in this scenario.

What to Do

If a Hack Forums account becomes compromised and they wish to begin the process of recovering it, they should make sure their computer is completely clean and that they have a secure e-mail account. They should sign up for another account with a username following the paradigm of UID_temp or Username_temp; where UID was the UID (User Identification, unique to every member's account) of their previous account and Username is the Username of their previous account. Using their UID is to clear confusion, as the person who compromised their account might have changed their username.

Now that they have another account, it is vital to send in a Contact Form request. It is available by clicking the Contact button on the furthest to the right side of the banner. Users should be sure to include their name as well as a secure e-mail. The subject should be Stolen/Lost account.

For the body of the contact request, members should now copy and paste the following template, as well as fill it out properly.

New Account Link:
IP Address:
Transaction ID from previous upgrade(s):
Explanation of how my account became stolen:
Anything Else of Importance:

This will allow the administrators of Hack Forums to begin the process of securing their account. Please realize that not all accounts can be recovered. They will use information from their new account, their old account, as well as the information provided to try to recover the account. Once they do, if able, the two accounts will be merged, and their e-mail changed to the one you signed up with on their second account. Having secure accounts is a must for Hack Forums, and we will not continually recover your account. Also, members should note that the response from the contact form can be delayed a couple of days, so patience is key.

Stolen accounts are often used to scam users and perform malicious acts. Protecting accounts is a must. Any negative side effects of a member's account becoming compromised rests on the user to fix. This includes any scam reports, though Hack Forums will not get involved. For future reference, members should secure their Hack Forums account as well as their e-mail and computer to prevent the theft of their account again. This might be of help.

Remember the burden of having an account rests on the user, in all steps. The more work they put into recovering it, the better the chances are we will be able to recover it for them.