Reputation System

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What is the reputation system?

It is a method for privileged members to give their opinion about other users for the rest of HF to see.

What is the reputation system used for?

For the most part, it is just a place for users to give their opinions on a member. However, if the overall number of reputation points is negative, it does affect a member’s eligibility to apply for ub3r and their ability to post in certain sections of the site such as the Marketplace.

Why do some members have more reputation points than comments?

Some users can assign multiple reputation points to their reputation comment. The amount of reputation points a user can give depends on that users upgrade. A l33t member can only give +1 and 0. Ub3r members have the option of assigning a value between -3 and +3. Staff has the option of assigning -5 to +5. Lastly, Admins can rep from -10 to +10.

Can members write anything they want when giving reputation?

No. Our forum has a no flaming policy, and this also applies to reputations. If a member is seen flaming, they will receive a warning from staff. Also, a reputation accusing someone of being a scammer must be followed with a link to the scam report thread that you have made.

Can members ask other member to give them reputation points?

Absolutely not. That includes posts, PMs, profiles, or signature, and while we can't verify if you're doing this via IM services, it's likely if on site evidence is presented to us, you'll be “Rep Killed”. We consider any hints, tips, or off-handed comments such as "+rep is appreciated" or "I like reps" to be an obvious hint to trade reps with a member. We won't tolerate it. If a user asks you for rep, report it to an Admin immediately. If it is discovered you didn’t do this, you subject to penalty such as a “Rep kill”.

What is a “Rep kill”?

Previously a "rep fuck", A “rep kill” is where an admin permanently removes all of a member’s current positive reputation. Once a “rep kill” has been given it is irreversible. Keep in mind that a “rep kill” was given for a reason; any complaining will result in a one month ban.

Can I have my reputation reset?

No. HF does not reset reputation for any reason. Keep that in mind when you interact with members on the forum.

What is reputation abuse?

Reputation abuse can be very complicated subject matter. Here is a list of the following ways reputation can be viewed as abuse.

  • Flaming: Using coarse language to describe or berate a member.
  • Reputation as a currency: We do not allow the buying or selling of reputations.
  • Gang Rep: The act of coordination with other members to raise or lower a member’s reputation is not allowed.
  • Rep Coercion: Using intimidation, threats, or blackmail to get reps added or removed.
  • Rep Requesting: You cannot give hints, tips, or request reputations.
  • Scammer Reputation: You're required to leave a link to a Deal Dispute thread you have created to infer someone is a scammer (ie: scammer, scams, chargebacks, scamming).
  • Reputation Collusion: Agreeing to participate in reciprocal reputations with a member.

I feel I was rep abused, how do I report it?

Currently Omniscient is the only one who deals with Reputation Abuse. If you feel you have been Rep Abused, you can report it to him, however, if the rep in questions doesn't qualify as rep abuse or you are just wasting his time. It is quite possible repercussions may happen.

What happens if I or someone else abuses reputation?

The abusive reputation will likely be removed and a reputation warning may be issued. You may not report reputation abuse if it was not you who were abused. It’s up to the person that was abused to address admins about it. Action taken by admins is at their discretion and can go from simple removal of the rep to a closed account if we feel the abuse warrants it.

What is revenge rep and is it allowed?

Revenge rep is the practice of getting a negative reputation after you have given that member a negative. This is not against the rules. Clearly if you leave someone a negative, you can expect them to reciprocate. Think carefully about your choices when leaving reputation. If you fear revenge rep, then reconsider. Admins will not take action on revenge reps. Still, our no-flaming rule does apply to all reps given.

Can I get a negative reputation removed if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t fair?

If the reputation doesn’t follow our definition of “reputation abuse”, it will not be removed by an admin member. You may contact the member that left the reputation in order to understand why it was left. However, you may not harass or threaten the member.

If a member that left me negative reputation gets banned, can the rep get removed?

Sorry, but at this time we are not removing the reputations given by banned members unless it breaks abuse policies.

The rep I received is pure nonsense, can you remove it?

As long as the rep isn't abuse by our definition we don't care if it makes sense or not. "Goobe gooba doo" is a perfectly acceptable rep.

I was scammed. How can I leave a scammer rep?

Make a deal dispute in the ‘Deal Dispute’ section, making sure to read the stickies to use the proper format. You may then leave them a negative reputation with a link to the thread; you may not call them a scammer in a reputation in any other manner. You may not ask others to give them negative reputation for being a scammer either; you may only give negative reputation for scamming if you are the one scammed.

Someone called me a scammer in reputation, what do I do?

Calling someone a scammer without a link to the scam report in the reputation will result in the reputation being removed. However, if there is a link to a Deal Dispute thread they've created then Staff does not investigate these claims nor make it definitive whether the scam report is legitimate or not.

How do I report abuse or get the invalid rep removed?

You can PM the admin Omniscient. Be warned. If you did not read fully this page and the rep left on your account was indeed within policy then you will get Rep Killed without any hesitation. If you were left a scammer rep we may also do a full investigation of your account. If we find out you're breaking any site policies you will get a closed account.