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Pubmaster Joined Hack Forums in early 2007 in order to learn more about RATs, and more specifically, using them to hijack Runescape accounts. After finding out that this discussion is prohibited, he sought out on his own to increase his knowledge on how to effectively spread his RAT to Runescape victims.

After his introduction to "RATting", he faced issues with his account, which was subsequently closed. He created a new one on the 8th of August, 2009 with the username "salebjk". He started to get into gaming and began posting more in the gaming sections; specifically the Computer and Online Gaming section and later on, the Minecraft Section. After starting one of the biggest Steam account giveaways on the forum, with over 400 accounts in total given away, he became more popular, and in late December 2012/early January 2013 he was promoted to Leader of Respawn. He is coming up to his 6th year on Hack Forums and is one of the oldest members who is still active.


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