Profiles and Your UserCP

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First off let's answer some questions.

What is it you want to do?

In this tutorial we're covering:

  • Reading and Understanding a Profile
  • Editing your profile
  • Changing your user name
  • Changing your password
  • Changing your email
  • Changing your avatar
  • Changing your signature
  • Changing your user title
  • Blocking members
  • Joining a group or crew
  • Changing your display group
  • Recognizing PM icons
  • Making advanced PM's
  • Denying PM receipts

Reading a profile

In this instance we're going to use Omniscient's profile.

This area shows his:

  • User Name
    • Displayed in bold, Light Blue for Administrative Group, Green for Global Moderator, Purplish for Section Moderator, Dark Blue for HF
    • Ub3r, Gold for HF L33T, White for Normal Users, Red for Limited Users, and Black for Banned Members.
  • User Title
    • "(Syn City Resident)" a custom user title for the "Team". This includes Staff members, and Upgraded members Team Page.
  • User Group Bar
    • The User Bar Of his Display group, in this case Admin.
  • Registration Date
    • Shows the date on which he registered.
  • Date of Birth
    • The day his life was registered.
  • Local Time
    • The time it is in his area.
  • Online Status + What page he's on
    • Whether he is online or not, if he's hidden it will show him as offline, unless you are staff or ub3r. This area also shows what section of HF he's viewing.
  • User Name Changes
    • The number of times his user name has been changed, clicking the number will show previous user names.
  • Total Posts
    • His total posts, some statistics, his threads, and his posts.
  • Time Spent Online
    • The amount of time he has spent logged into HF with his browser running.
  • Reputation
    • His reputation on HF. Clicking the Details button will show his Reps, who repped him, and their reason, the Rate button for upgraded members will allow you to rep him, +1/+0 for HF L33T, +3/2/1 +0 -3/2/1 for HF Ub3r, and what ever amount the staff wish to specify.
  • Lounge Percentage
    • The percentage of lounge posts he has made, since he has made 15% of his posts in the lounge, his post count is 85% of all posts he has made.
  • Reports he has made
    • The number of reports he has sent off.
  • Awards
    • His awards, click the number will show a list of his awards.
  • Contact List
    • His contact details, you can email and PM him, also are MSN AIM YIM and ICQ details, but not on his profile.
  • Additional User Groups
    • Other User Groups he is in, in this case HJT, this shows what groups he is in besides the Admin group.
  • Signature
    • His Signature

Editing My Profile

Your profile is a place that shows information about you, contact details, and statistics.

Here you can change your:

  • Date of Birth
  • Website Address
  • A website you run, frequent, etc.
  • User Title (upgraded members)
  • Clicking the revert box will set it to default.
  • Contact information
  • Availability status
  • Whether you are available or not, when going away for extended amounts of time (anything over a week or two), its best to put in an away status, when you'll return, and maybe some details.

Username, Password and Email

Your password and email are for the most part confidential, don't give your password away to members, and try to keep your email address a secret and separate from your IM clients.

  • Change user name (Upgraded only).
  • Change Password
  • Change Email

Avatar and Signature

Change your Avatar and signature regularly to keep your profile fresh and exciting, but don't get too carried away. Avatars must be no larger than 120x150, only upgraded members can upload them (regular members must hotlink) and the max file size is 50kb.

Your signature can be a maximum of 650x200 and 500kb in size.

Neither avatar nor signature can contain nudity/adult content/ personal info/advertising, or break any of the forum rules, they must not be annoying, and must not link to anything that breaks forum rules.

Block and Buddy users

Blocking members that flame, troll, harass, and make worthless low quality posts is a good way to keep your virgin eyes virgins. Block by visiting and adding names into the second box and clicking ignore user. Inversely you can add users to your buddy list by putting their names in the top box.

Crews, Groups and Clans

Go to and find a group to join, click the Join Group button and you will be applied for that group until you are accepted or denied. Generally crew leaders require posting in their threads before joining in UserCP.

Changing User Display Group

If you are in more than one group, you have the option of showing what group you are in. By default you are a regular member, and if you have upgraded your account, your default is either L33T or Ub3r.

Visit and at the bottom you have the list of your user groups, behind each groups name you have the option of setting it as your display group, this will change your name's color and your User Bar.

Private Messaging System

  • Received PM's
  • Sent PM's

The unopened letter means you have not yet opened the PM, the opened letter means you have opened the PM. The green arrow left means you have replied, green arrow right means you have forwarded the PM.

In your sent box, if the icon is an open letter the recipient has read the PM. If it's opened, they have opened the PM.

Denying a receipt on a PM means the sender won't know if you have opened the PM or not.